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King's Game (2017, Seven)

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King's Game (2017, Seven)

Ou-sama Game


Nobuaki Kanazawa has just transferred school but he tries desperately to keep his distance from everyone despite how friendly they were. He was the only survivor of something known as the "King's Game" where if someone didn't follow orders, they would die a horrible death instantly. Naturally when all his new classmates started receiving these orders on their phones they didn't believe him... That is until, chaos broke out and a large number of them died the first night. Now it's a game of seeing how far each of them will go for survival.

So the story is loosely based around the "ou-sama" game in Japan which is usually pulling straws to see who has the longest one. Then they can tell someone in the game to do whatever they must. Kind of like the truth or dare game. Show itself is based on a mix of the Manga's first series and the first title in the second series subtitled "終極 [The Finale]".

The first half of this show is mostly flashbacks of Nobuaki's past experience of the King's Game and it's mostly filled with non-stop gorey, gruesome deaths and little plot or character development. It's kind of like watching everyone getting filled with angst as they learn of each other dying and a lot of times, you'll be thinking, "Wha...?" The dares are gruesome and a lot of them is forcing the female students to have sex or some other exploitive situation. It's nothing explicit visually and I guess they at least show a condom being used.

After most of the class has disappeared, that the show kind of gets better as the story focuses more on the remaining few survivors of the present class so you start to sympathise with the characters a bit more. Some people have compared this horror show to Another but, I think Another was better because its mystery side was kept throughout the show instead of focusing on slaughtering or making characters suffer episode after episode.

If you're into sadistic shows and enjoy watching gorey, gruesome deaths or people suffering then you might enjoy this. Otherwise, I'd suggest watching Another instead if you want a better horror mystery show.

King's Game

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