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Call of The Night (2022, Liden Films)

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Call of The Night (2022, Liden Films)

Yofukashi no Uta

Worth A Watch

Fourteen year old Kou Yamori has decided to skip school since he rejected a girl who confessed her love to him and has been harassed by her friends. He just wasn't interested in girls. One night he decides to sneak out late to enjoy the solitude of the desserted streets but meets a capricious girl in a dark cloak. Nazuna Nanakusa claims she tries to help those who can't sleep. Soon, Kou discovers she was actually a vampire and for once there was something he wanted to do in his life; become a vampire. Trouble was, he can't become one unless he falls in love with the one who feeds from him. And so, Kou decides to sneak out every night to enjoy time with Nazuna while maintaining their "physical relationship" in his quest to become a vampire.

They probably chose the age 14 number 4 because in Sino language countries, it's a homonym of "death". The 10 can mean definite in some cases too.

A strange choice of colours with its prominent purple for shadows and yellow for light (but the rare day scenes are back to norm). That said, it's partly what caught my attention in the promo art and, I guess it works with its premise and night setting. Wasn't really expecting it to have vampires in it. I was expecting something more unique like strange events happening at night and the team is out to resolve them or, just a slice-of-life show that took place at night really (which is actually mostly is).

It kicks off with a lot of bland dirty jokes. Each night you learn more about the characters as their lives intertwine and new characters from both lives appear; mix of humans and the supernatural. Most are girls so you could call it a harem although the girls don't actually fight for his attention. Of course, it laso means you have your familiar share of fan service with awkward camera angles, changing clothes and steamy bath scenes. Well, it's night life so I guess it fits in anyway.

Nazuna enjoys toying with Kou using suggestive jokes but when it comes to romance, she is completely shy. They do things together but every episode there's always a scene with Nazuna getting a dose of blood from Kou.

That said, there's still the odd good episode too. A couple of serious themed scenes too believe it or not. I'd say half way through the series it gets better and doesn't feel like a slice-of-night life as much any more. There are enough surprises along the way to spice things up if the vocal soundtrack doesn't do that for you already. Theme songs by Creepy Nuts fairly much grew on me even though I didn't like them when I first heard on a JPOP channel. Note if you're after the songs in this show such as the OP "Daten", ED "Yofukashi no Uta" and the insert song "Loss Time" go for their 2022 "Daten, 堕天 (AICL-4277)" single which contains all songs. There's a 2018 "Yofukashi no Uta" which contains the original version of the ED but the 2022 remastered version is much closer to the Anime edit.

I quite enjoy Yoshiaki Dewa's compositions for shows such as Aquatope, Iroduku and Flying Witch and there are the odd good background track in this show too. Most aren't so great but maybe because they're written with a dark, vampire night theme in mind.

Overally I quite enjoyed the show. It kicked off with bland cringe jokes but slowly eased into a slice-of-nightlife romcom and just got better from there. Sure, it's got vampires in it but other than the blood sucking there's nothing vampiric about it. As long as you don't mind the story revolves around a 14 year old boy hanging out late night with the odd fan service, it's a fun watch. Otherwise you're better off with more innocent romcoms like Kaguya-sama.

It's got a good wrap-up so we might not see another season.

Yofukashi no Uta


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