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Fate/Stay Night Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Edition Review

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Fate/Stay Night Nendoroid Saber Super Movable Edition Review

As you might already know, I'm quite a fan of Fate/Stay Night so when I saw this cute and detailed Saber Nendoroid, I decided to buy it from the market place. Unfortunately, it's a really old figure so naturally people have been jacking up the prices but it was that or a bootleg... And considering the poor quality of small bootleg figures, I decided to just go for the genuine one anyway.

This will be my second Nendoroid after Miku. So, let's have a look at GoodSmile's Nendoroid No. 121, Fate/Stay Night: Saber "Super Mobile" Edition first sold back in 2010 October for 4114 Yen (£28).

Good Smile Nendoroid 121 - Fate/Stay Night Saber

This Nendoroid has so many more parts than Miku did and comes with both the Caliburn and Excalibur sword with their scabbards. I can't quite remember her having two different swords but apparently, she receives the Excalibur some time after the Caliburn.

Side view.

As with all Nendoroids, she has alternative faces you can choose from.

There's no instructions so you have to guess which hand is the correct one to pair up with which sword.

Cute little ribbon and braided hair bun.

It's touted to have 21 joints you can adjust but...

21 movable joints.

Have fun trying to achieve the 4 poses the figure is advertised with... It's really difficult! The joints aren't quite that flexible and are actually quite stiff.

Thankfully they're not glued into place so you don't have to worry too much about snapping them off because they can actually be detached from the figure.

Weapon at the ready.

Problem was pushing the sword handle through the hands. It's really hard! I had to push and twist to get the sword all the way through 'til my fingers hurt ^^;

It's actually quite hard to pose.

"Rawr!" - The Type-Moon "Tiger" face! Not the cutest pose, lol.

Rawr! Tiger pose!

I settled on the guardian pose in the end. Our honorable, loyal Saber ^^

Proud, guardian Saber.

If it wasn't for all the detail, it'd actually look kind of like a Lego figure ^^;

All those joints make it look a bit like a Lego figure.

I don't think Lego figures have so many parts either.

All the parts.

Just look at how detailed the scabbards and swords are!

Caliburn (bottom) and Excalibur (top).

They actually fit into the scabbards.

Fits into the scabbards too.

No shoddy paintwork either as you'd expect from a genuine figure - well almost. There's some paint that came off the purple cloth... Not sure what the correct term for it is. Houppelande?

Some out-of-place paintwork.

I never had to use the stand that came with the Miku Nendoroid because she could stand up with her pigtails alone but, Saber needed the support. Not so natural looking with the base and the support beam but most of her poses are actually mid-air.

So this is how she compares with Nendoroid No. 33 Miku. Same size but obviously Saber's elevated with this pose. Miku should be safe from any crazy fans with Saber around.

Nendoroid Miku and Saber.

And with her alternative self, the 1/7 scale Sabre Lily figure. Could say Lily's the "onee-san" here, lol.

Nendoroid Saber and her alternative Saber Lily.

Nendoroid packaging pretty much stays the same with one window pane on the front. Not sure what the official translation is but it also quotes her first line when she appears before Emiya, "I will ask you this. Are you my master?".

Other than the authentic figure on the market place, there are also cheaper bootlegs around. As usual, they'll be missing logos. Especially, the holographic stickers of approval. In this case there is a "TM" Type-Moon sticker on the front.

Front packaging.

No holographic stickers on the back but bootlegs usually missing logos or have some kind of incorrect text/layout.

Packaging back.

I think I'll have to avoid any "Super Movable" Nendoroids in the future because they're too difficult and time consuming to pose ^^;

Interested in buying this but can't get it locally?
You can use my import guide to learn how to import goods like this from Japan.

fate stay night goodsmile import nendoroid

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