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Steins;gate Makise Kurisu Reading Steiner 1/7 Scale Figure Review


Steins;gate Makise Kurisu Reading Steiner 1/7 Scale Figure Review

Big fan of Steins;gate so I really wanted this 1/7 scale figure when I saw on on the Japanese hobby sites. This Good Smile Steins;gate Makise Kurisu Reading Steiner figure was released October 2023 but as with most scale figures, it was already sold out.

There wasn't even any scalping which is probably good news because maybe only the real fans like me managed to get one.

Steins;gate Makise Kurisu Reading Steiner 1/7 scale figure.

Wasn't expecting to find a new one while I was in Japan.

Initially I hesitated because of the price tag and thought about trying other stores to see if it went below the £200 RRP but, if it was sold out online I doubt many will have it like the Figma Pokemon Red figure.

So I went for it.

Back of the box.

Comes in a huge box like most scale figures of this size do.

Most of the box is empty, just a big plastic cage to keep the figure and the diorama from sliding around. It was quite hard to open up and even after that there were lots of little sponges and thin layers of plastic to keep the statue pristine.

Well, cushioned and held in place. Most of the box is empty.

Also a bilingual leaflet showing you Kurisu is a separate part from the diorama of vintage tech.

Bilingual leaflet.

The detail on the diorama piled up with vintage tech and Future Gadgets is immense! You can feel how fragile it is while taking it out of the container.

Very fragile diorama of vintage tech.

Few parts are feel solid enough to hold apart from the CRT monitor on the base.

It's a beautiful mess. Wires are flexible for you to adjust but I didn't dare touch anything I didn't need to.

Back of the diorama.

We have the microwave that started it all with the jelly banana before the actual phone that sent messages to the past. Then there the numbers of various world lines on each of the monitors and shining a light on the Nixie tube clock gives you better view of the numbers for the Steins;gate.

And we have the antique IBM 5100 of course and Metal Upa too.

You'll notice the CRT monitors have been painted to look worn and old.

Kurisu is only held in place by 3 pins and relies mostly on her leaning on the tech really.

Adding Kurisu to the diorama.

Kurisu and the gacha toy that changes it all.

Kurisu and Metal Upa

Pecorine Nendoroid and wireless ear bud for scale.

Nendoroid and wireless ear bud for scale.

It's roughly 15w x 19d x 25h in centimetres. The diorama's the biggest part of the figure.

Assembled scale figure.

Weighs 465g together (sorry, Kurisu).

Total weight of the scale figure.

Worth the price tag? I don't know but I'm sure impressed with the details.

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