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Nendoroid 1678 - Princess Connect Re:Dive Pecorine Review

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Nendoroid 1678 - Princess Connect Re:Dive Pecorine Review

This is my third Nendoroid after Miku and Saber, Nendoroid 1678 Pecorine. Actually didn't know anything about the mobile game series when this figure was announced but there was an Anime show at the time so this made me watch it. Quite a fun comedy.

I tried the game afterwards but couldn't get into that unfortunately.

These days when I see something I want I usually just bookmark them under a "wishlist" and then see if I still want the item after some time has passed. This was one of those items.

I had considered buying this when it was first released but hesitated so by the time I saw it again and wanted to buy it, it was out of stock everywhere with more reputable retailers. Local stores have also been on back order so I ended up importing one from the market place instead because the price added up the same after customs and handling.

Bundle of parts to mix and match.

It was the glutton pose that caught my attention so I immediately went about assembling that right away.

Looks better once the protective film has been removed.

Time for a change of face.

Unfortunately, I got one with a broken part from the market place. It was shipped from Amazon's warehouse rather than the seller so I don't know if the picker deliberately chose a broken one because it was being shipped overseas or not but more on that later...

Packaging and leaflet looks fairly faded.

Packaging itself looked kind of bootleg because the colours looked faded apart from the Cygames hologram sticker on it. Little instruction booklet has blurry photos too but after checking out other Japanese blog reviews, this seems to be the norm.

Could always collect full Gourmet Guild, Kokkoro and Carol too.

Nendoroid comes with a bilingual leaflet explaining how to put together the parts. The mini loaf of meat had the bone broken off it. It's not supposed to be as can be seen in other reviews. Fortunately there seems to be a little hole you can just plug the bone back into without glue.

On the other hand (literally), I didn't know the rice ball could actually be removed.

One prop arrived broken...

The right arm didn't angle the same as the photo so you have to pull out the little hand for gripping the food and attach it to the arm that does. You can tell which arms are for the right because of the shoulder pad that attaches to it.

Some film was hard to remove.

Attaching the stand was quite difficult. Miku's Nendroid stood on its own by its twin tails and Saber had short hair so they were easy to handle. This figure you had to attach the stand first then put the head on.

Stand is a bit tricky to attach.

The other prop, the sword isn't too bad. Some fair amount of detail on the hilt (including where Pecorine took a bite out of it!) but can't beat Saber's swords that came with scabbards.

Pecorine bit her sword to taste it...

It actually doesn't look as impressive as in the promo photos even though in most cases they do look the same. For the glutton face the eyes aren't a smooth shiny finish or brightly coloured and the bulging cheeks actually look more like sagging cheeks.

Otherwise still pretty cute overall with the tiara and dress design to help set it apart from other Nendoroid characters. And it matches Pecorine's personality from the game and show.

It's a team.


Interested in buying this but can't get it locally?
You can use my import guide to learn how to import goods like this from Japan.

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