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Tokyo 24th Ward (2022, CloverWorks)

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Tokyo 24th Ward (2022, CloverWorks)

Tokyo 24-ku

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It is 2021 and the Tokyo 24th Ward, an artificial island where a crime predicting system "Hazard Cast" runs, is preparing to be re-integrated with the main land.

The three friends Shuta, Ran and Kouki had always been encouraged to play as the "RGB heroes" by Kouki's sister, Asumi. However, after failing to save her during a fire at their old elementary school, they have been going their separate ways since graduating from high school. Ran the tech genius orphan and graffiti artist, prefers to do things the unethical way and runs a rebellious group "DoRed" to show their disapproval of how the artifcial island they reside on "Tokyo 24th Ward" is run. Smart Kouki with similar thoughts chooses to be a SARG internee so he may gain the experience he needs to take his father's place and achieve by the law. Athletic Shuta still tries to get over the tragedy while protecting the local shopping district from thugs associated with a newly opened shopping centre.

A year later while at the memorial, the friends suddenly receive a call from someone who claimed to be Asumi, showing them a vision of the future. They suddenly find themselves with enhanced abilities; all their talents were many times better. While Shuta and Ran considers it to be an imposter, Shuta believes Asumi is still alive and decides to resume his dream of being a "hero" from his high school days with his enhanced abilities. Now every time an incident is about to occurr, the RGB get a call from "Asumi" and must find a better solution to the trolley dilemma she warns them about.

It's not the best looking show, animated in 3D CGI. Everything looks plain, lack of textures.  Probably not the best background art Kusanagi has done. Animation's really stiff and rough. It does have a bit of fan service like your common bath scene including the RGB gang.

Saw a bit of this on TV and it looked interesting. The first double-length episode was quite enjoyable looking like a fun sci-fi action comedy but 5 episodes in, I'm still not really sure where the show is going. For the most part it seems to be about the RGB heroes saving lives but it hardly moves on with the mysterious system that grants them their powers. The sci-fi is shallow, nothing to back up the prediction system which means it's not very engaging and feels more like magic.

The wrap-up brings some closure but the way it was brought about was just abrupt and silly. It's an ok watch with a cast of amusing characters but nothing deep to keep you watching.

Don't miss the bonus scenes after the credits. Episode 8 has a slightly different ending theme animation.

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