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Sankei Miniatuart Doraemon Papercraft – No. 9 Takecopter


Sankei Miniatuart Doraemon Papercraft – No. 9 Takecopter

Been a long time since I last built a Sankei papercraft which was over 4 years ago after I got back from my first trip to Japan. Don't really feel like I have the patience for one of these any more since they literally take a whole day to put together but, I saw this and since I'm a fan of Doraemon, I imported it.

It was during the pandemic when Japan had suspended all outgoing mail to foreign countries as well and UK was one of those countries. Fortunately I got my goods so time to put some effort into it!

There's quite a lot of Doraemon ones to choose from but I liked this "Takecopter" one the best since it features the Nobi residence.

Sankei Minituart Doraemon Papercraft No. 9 - Takecopter

So first up seems to be Nobita and Doraemon. Need to do a bit of colouring on the Take-Copter, eyes and socks. I had problems finding something white before. Ended up finding a Uni-ball Signo pen which works better than trying to use correction Tip-Ex. Staedtler's Triplus Fineliner pens also have great small tips to work with these tiny pieces of card.

Putting together the characters.

The parts they expect you to add colour are actually so small you'd probably wouldn't notice if you didn't add colour such as Nobita's white socks...

White pens are kind of hard to find.

Lots to put together to create the 3D effect as usual. It's actually quite hard aligning all the pieces together which is Doraemon's main blue body and his hands.

Piecing together Doraemon.

Doraemon looking great without his white face, huh?

Doraemon not looking too great...

Putting on the rest of his face is actually quite hard so I suggest trying it out first before adding glue. There's supposed to be a bit of red line left to be his collar.

Doraemon complete.

Nobita is harder to put together than Doraemon because of all this tiny parts; shorts, socks, shoes all a couple millimetres big... In fact, I almost lost his socks and shoes a few times.

Nobita's much harder to assemble.

Same with his hands and eyes.

So many small parts.

They look quite good once you've put them together. Almost 1 hour to put each together.

Pretty good once they've been assembled.

Now to build the walls of the Nobi residence. You'd think, "Walls! Must be easier since they're bigger!" but nope. There's a very very tiny door handle here on Wall A that's only 1mm! Same for the door frame. They're so fragile it's easy to snap them!

Door frames are so fragile.

You really really have to improvise here and shift everything into place before the glue settles. The door knob on the handle is so small you almost need a magnifying glass to see it.

Can you see the door knob...?

Porch side of the building. Can't forget the episodes where Nobita's trying to convince his mum in the garden to buy him something or when he needs to do some chores.

Porch side of the building.

The long grey slab along the bottom actually has little grooves for the wooden shutters so you might want to be careful while placing them on.

Remember all the garden chore scenes in the TV episodes?

At this point I almost lost one of the window frames... When I pressed it out, it flew off somewhere and I thought I'd end up with an incomplete model. Fortunately I found it eventually ^^;;

So now all the walls are assembled, we can start putting the house together.

All the walls done.

For the little bits of red roof it suggests colouring the base grey board the same colour but I just left it as is.

Roof tiles now.

Would have been fun if the second floor actually had something in it, huh? But you'll probably have gone for a scale model instead. Still, looking pretty good eh?

Nothing on the second floor unfortunately.

For wall B's shutter you have to pay attention which side of the G1 grey part is up.

Need to pay attention to which side is up here.

Nobita's room coming together now.

Nobita's room now done.

I ended up with too much of bottom red roof on A1 so I had to carefully carve away enough for the insert to show on the left.

Too much tile here.

I actually couldn't get the upper roof to slot into the notches so I just stuck them on. By this point I already had the lower roof glued on. Otherwise I could have just trimmed the notches off so that there isn't a gap between the roof and the building.

Bit of gap unfortunately...

Rest of the parts are pretty straight forward and easy although again, I had problems attaching the house to the base. I also chose to leave Doraemon and Nobita last as they're also not that easily attached it seems.

Now for the outside.

Grass and tree messy as with other models. I ended up using a more generic kind of glue this time; just any kind of white craft glue which will turn translucent when it dries anyway. It's also less stickier than the Pritt translucent glue so you can dab the green sponge to make the tree.

Porch side now with grass and greenery.

And that's it. About 8 hours once again.

Doesn't look too bad despite the gaps ^^


Interested in buying this but can't get it locally?
You can use my import guide to learn how to import goods like this from Japan.

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