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Tamagotchi Evatchi Angel Raising Guide


Tamagotchi Evatchi Angel Raising Guide

I didn't really resort to any guides or hints until I started gettiing the same Angel which was Israfel but, it was fun seeing what I ended up with initially without a guide. I recommend you try playing without this guide too first or if you're here, you've probably done that already.

Unfortunately there is no official guide as to how to raise each Angel (at the time of writing), only rough incubation times as hinted by the official Tamagotchi Twitter account. A Japanese YouTube video guesses there's a point system in place and tells you how to raise each Angel but, I haven't confirmed those methods. Instead I spent 2 months gathering info via a mix of Twitter, different blog posts and confirming whether they were correct or not. There's so much info I've decided to separate this guide from my initial review because there's a lot to note.

Please share this guide by linking instead of copying it as I spent a lot of time putting this together, playing through and confirming all the reports I came across before putting this together.

4h Angels Group

Raising Time & Notes

Excluding sleep time, you've basically got approximately 12.5 hours before the embryo will evolve into a cocoon. I recommend taking a notepad to note down when the Angel was hatched, what time you fed it, when it evolved into a cocoon and when incubation started. This way, you know when you need to pay attention instead of waiting for the next beep or missing one. Only way to do it if you want to get all the common Angels in the group in one go.

Points to bear in mind:

  • Every time you feed the Angel, LCL will be released 3 hours later so make use of this timing to spread out the S2 and melon feeding. If you time it right you'll be able to feed 5 times.
  • Unless otherewise stated, you start off with 4x S2 and melons then repeat after every LCL clean. You can divide up the number of S2s and melons you need to feed.
  • If you get the Angel you want, great! Raise it all the way until the Third Impact which will take 3 days.
  • If you don't get the Angel you want, you can let it... expire. This takes approx 24 hours of neglect. It's probably best to mute the sound as there is a very long sound clip when it does expire which can burn a lot of battery. You can also speed this up by changing the time so that it doesn't sleep but don't forget to change it back! (This doesn't work for growing, only neglecting.)
  • You must not use the reset button or data will be cleared and you will have to raise the common Angels again to unlock the rare ones. Fresh batteries lasts about 2 months or a bit longer if you keep the sound off.
  • Incubation starts approx. 3 hours after it turns into a cocoon before it will beep a second time and stop moving.
  • If you hatch the embryo after 8pm which is its bed time it'll end up staying awake for 2 hours before going to sleep.

For example, the way I kept my notes were as follows:

4/10 18:30 Hatched, 4x S2 Mel, BC 2P
8:35, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL, 1x Int
11:42, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL, 2x Int
14:48, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL
17:52, 3x S2 4x Mel, BC 2P, 1x LCL
5/10 19:10 Cocoon
22:10 Incubation - Stops moving inside the cocoon so now I count the hours.
00:10 Hatch
8/10 00:10 Third Impact

16x S2, 20x Mel, BC 10P, 4x LCL, 3x Int

B stands for Battle, C stands for Centre, Int stands for Interrupt Screen etc. I don't think you need to record the time of the interruptions (or "Mixed Signals" as the official English instructions call the little random animations) so you can just group it with the last time fed. Same for the games.

Clock Setting Tip

Is the Angel waking up too early for you? You could always adjust the clock back a few hours.

For example, we know the Angel in embryo form wakes up at 7am so if we wanted it to wake up say at 9am instead, there's a 2 hour difference. So you could adjust the clock 2 hours back instead e.g. real world time is 10:12am so you can set the clock to 8:12am.

Similarly if your playthrough ended at night after 8pm, you could set the clock to 7pm so that the embryo doesn't fall asleep immediately as soon as you hatch it. Then you have some time to feed it before it sleeps instead of waiting 2 hours.

Note you need to set the clock before hatching the embryo. Otherwise you will mess up the timer and the next scheduled feeding time doesn't happen on time.


Now here's what you need to do to raise each Angel.

  • Rows in green are confirmed via Twitter reports while uncoloured rows are what I just happened to obtain through different means.
  • Cocoons should be clean unless noted otherwise.
  • Mood during embryo time are in order of poor > ok (smiling) > happy (moving towards camera).
  • P means a perfect game, N means a normal clear.
Poor OK mood. Happy mood.
(Bored or hungry)
OK Happy

All the Angels you can get.

4h Common Angels

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
14 14 x x 3 Y x Happy 3h 10m  
13 0 - 2 7P x 3 Y x OK 1 - 2h All games perfect.
8 - 12 8 - 12 x x 2 Y x OK Immediately

Keep in OK mood. Time feeding so that it sleeps in LCL or cocoon is in LCL.

Another method is to feed it fully after hatching with 4x S2, melons. Clean the first LCL but afterwards, don't feed it fully again until 4 hours before cocoon time. Idea is to leave it half hungry and in LCL when it's cocoon time.

Alternatively start off with 4x S2, melons. Then every LCL feed 2x S2, 4x melons. For the very last feed, it should be complaining about hunger. Feed only 1x S2 and 4x melons. 4 hours incubation afterwards it should become Bardiel too.

x 8 x x x N x Poor Immediately Abuse but remove AT Field if you get it.
14 14 2P / 1P 1N x 3 Y x Happy 3h  

4h Rare Angels

After raising all 5 common Angels from above; Sachiel, Israfel, Bardiel, Shamshel and Zeruel, here is how you can get Lilith and evolve her into other Angels, mainly Rei.

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
6 - 10 6 - 10 3P 3P All Y x OK Immediately Feed 1x S2 Mel approx every 2h.
Lilith > EVA-01
7 7 13P 3P 3N All Y x OK 25h After raising Lilith, you have 25 hours to evolve Lilith to EVA-01. All reports point to lots of battles.
Lilith > Young Rei
Young Rei
7 7 3P 3P All Y 7 (Min 3?) Happy 25h Almost the same as Lilith.

After you've raised Lilith, you have 25 hours to evolve Lilith to Young Rei. Otherwise you've failed.
Pilot Rei
Pilot Rei
6 - 10 6 - 10 3P 3P All Y x Happy Immediately After successfully raising Young Rei, raise the embryo in the same way as Lilith.

After raising the common Angels, you can also go for the Adam route to raise Kaworu too.

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
Mark 6
Mark 6
16 16 3P 3P 4 Y x Happy < 1h Think you have to win 3P in a row for both games. Feed 3x S2s, 4x Mels every clean. Someone suggests this is same as Zeruel.
16 16 3P 3P 4 Y x Happy Min 1h Basically the same as Mark 6 but slightly longer incubation time.
Adam > Kaworu
Kaworu (Tabris)
10 15 15P 3N 16P 2N 4 Y x Happy 25h Once you've raised Adam, continue raising him the same way; keep happy by feeding 2x S2, 3x Mels every clean. I had max 10P battles in a row, 9P centres in a row.

Some reports say they managed by winning 10 perfect of each.

If you manage to get him (yay!), keep the sound on for a little surprise.

Otherwise like Young Rei, if you don't manage to evolve Adam to Kaworu in 25 hours you've failed.
Kaworu > Mass Production
Mass Production Unit
6 11 34P 1N 10P 4 Y x Happy 25h Playing sims a lot will change Kaworu into this. I had max 14P in a row for battles.

Some reports say only 20P battles and 7P centres needed.

4 - 8h Common Angels

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
15 19 x x 3 Y x Happy 4h Easiest to obtain as I got this Angel most of the time. Just keep happy with melons and keep fully fed.
16 x 10P x 3 Y x Happy 4h I think this is just slightly different from Sandalphon. You just need to play games with it instead of using melons to keep it happy.
16 35 x x 3 Y x Happy 7h Took me many tries to get this. Key seems to be you have to starve it.

Start off with 4x S2 and melons then, every LCL feed 4x melons to keep it happy. Don't feed any more S2s until it's complaining about hunger.
4 5 x x x N x Poor 4h Easiest to get as all you have to do is neglect it. Just remember to remove the AT Field if you get one like the other poor care Angels.

4 - 8h Rare Angel

After raising the 4 common Angels above; Sandalphon, Sahaquiel, Gagihiel and Matarael you can raise this.

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
Third Angel
Third Angel
17 20 10P 7P 3N All Y x Happy 6h Got this first try just by giving it plenty of everything. 4x Melon, 2 of each game every LCL and feed until full.

8h+ Common Angels

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
16 x 6P 6P All Y x Happy 8h Start off with 4x S2, one of each game. Then repeat for each LCL but you should only need 3x S2 to feed it full. For the last LCL, play 2 of each game instead of just 1.
13 - 16 13 - 16 x x All Y x Happy 8h This seems to be easiest to get. I got this Angel most of the time while trying to get Armisael...

Watch out for a special interference scene exclusive to this Angel once you've raised it.
Young Rei
14 - 16 x 10P 10P All Y x Happy 8h Keep sound on before hatching for a little surprise.
Pilot Rei
10 20 x x All Y x Happy 8h Seems you have to starve it. Start off with 4x S2 and Melons. Then feed it 1x S2 and 3x Melons every LCL. If it complains about hunger, feed it 1x S2.
Pilot Rei
6 4 x x All Y x Poor 8h Easiest to get as you just have to abuse it with poor care like Shamshel and leave it in LCL when it turns into a cocoon.

8h+ Rare Angel

Didn't realise this clockwork Angel that appears in Evangelion 2.0 was a replacement of the TV series 7th Angel, Israfel until I played with this Evatchi...

  S2 Melons Battles Centres LCL Lights Ints Mood Incube Notes
Seventh Angel
Pilot Rei
16 20 13P 10P 1N All Y 1 Happy 8.5h

You can raise this after you've raised the 5 common Angels above; Ramiel, Leliel, Arael, Armisael and Ireul.

Aimed at raising this the same way as the rare Third Angel and I think the key is playing 10+ of each game. Less than that (around 5) I only got Arael.


For those curious here is what my three runs were like. First run's first half was mostly done blind as mentioned earlier. More fun that way.

1st Run (2 Months on Test Batteries)

Israfel, Sachiel, Israfel, Leliel, Israfel, Shamshel, Israfel, RESET, Ramiel, Shamshel, Sachiel, Zeruel, Bardiel, Israfel, Lilith > EVA-01, Lilith > Young Rei, Pilot Rei.

2nd Run (Batteries Replaced)

I had raised fairly much every Angel from the 4h group so I pretty much knew exactly what to do to reach the rare Angels stage. This time my focus was on Adam and Kaworu as I didn't have enough battery left to get them first run.

Battery lasted two weeks longer because I left the sound off most of the time.

Ended up getting the following:

Shamshel, Israfel, Bardiel, Zeruel, Satchiel, Mark 6, Israfel, Mark 6, Adam > Kaworu (Tabris) > Mass Production, MAGI (Ireul), Arael, Leliel, Leliel, Leliel, Leliel, Arael, Ramiel, Leliel, Leliel, Ramiel, Arael, Leliel, Armisael, Arael.

3rd Run (Batteries Replaced)

Sandalphon, Sahaquiel, Matarael, Bardiel, Bardiel (might have been under 4 hours incubation twice...), Sandalphon, Sahaquiel, Matarael, Sandalphon, Sandalphon, Sandalphon, Gagihiel, Third Angel, Armisael, Arael, Ramiel, Leliel, Ireul, Arael, Seventh Angel.

Nooo! Battery gone...

And that's me pretty much raised all 24 Angels on the Evatchi!

Well, feel free to let me know how you got on by dropping a comment here to help confirm the tips I haven't confirmed yet (rows that aren't in green). You'll help out fellow Eva fans trying to raise all Angels too I'm sure.

Have fun ^^

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Hey, I’m aiming to get pilot Rei and I was wondering how long will she live for? I wanna take good care of her and what not



LY Author

I think it's just the same as the other Angels; 3 days before the project is completed.




Any chance you'll do something like this for the Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen Tamas? I'm pretty sure those don't have unlockable evolutions, but the internet seems pretty unsure about the conditions for each character.



LY Author

No. I was only interested in this because it was themed after my favourite franchise ^^;




I'm still confused since what time do you have to count when it becomes cocoon or when it's cocoon and makes the beep?



LY Author

You wait until it turns into a cocoon, then wait a bit more for it to beep and stop moving.




example: i want get sachiel and the cocoon stops moving i start counting the 3h and 10m or i start counting when its moving?



LY Author

The 3 hour wait is just to let you know around what time the cocoon should stop moving and enter the incubation stage. The cocoon itself will keep floating up and down but the foetus inside won't be moving any more.

It's after that you start counting the time listed in the tables.




Ok, thanks!!




okay so i just got my tamagotchi a couple days ago and wasn't sure how it works, i've just been randomly feeding/simulating and responding to calls, i didn't keep track of any times during cocoon and hatching stages, i'm thinking of just resetting and starting again so that i can properly keep notes and take care of it but idk. Should I just ditch my israfel or keep taking care of him until the third impact and start taking notes with my next angel



LY Author

Up to you really. I was happy enough to raise 3 Angels without any notes or guides just to see what I got on my own but then, I kept getting Israfel so that when I decided to gather hints and resetted it ^^




So I’ve got 2 (hopefully quick) questions:
1) What does “light” mean?
2) my angel cocooned this morning around 9:00 , I left it all day trying to get in the 8+ hr group (shooting for Ramiel) , and it just hatched at 17:30 into a 4-8 hr angel (Sandalphon) . Do you have any clue why that happened?

Also, I gotta say thanks so so much for this, it must’ve taken ages to do. It’s a like a university project lol



LY Author

1) Light just means whether you turn the light off when it goes to sleep, yes/no.
2) I can only think you counted the hours wrong. You start counting after it changes into the cocoon and then it stops moving 2 hours later.

It took a lot of patience, lol. There wasn't any complete Japanese guide any where at the time so, I just had to make do scouring Twitter for hints on how people got certain Angels then tried the hints they left there ^^;




Hello! Very helpful guide here thanks so much for sharing your process here! I'm confused by the wording: "You must not use the reset button or data will be cleared." Does that mean not to press buttons A+C at the end of Third Impact to reset and get a new angel? If thats the case, how do you safely reset to get a new angel without resetting your history?



LY Author

Ah, that just means don't use the hard reset button at the back. Just resetting with A+C after you've successfully raised an Angel is fine ^^




Oh good, thank you for the clarification!




Thanks a lot for the guide, it's very useful.
However I'm having trouble with Armisael. I tried a couple different combinations of "4x S2 and melons" for the first feed and then following the rest (1x S2 + 3x melons every LCL, plus 1x S2 when it complains) but I failed. I also tried to use Gaghiel's stated method (which can be confusing at the beginning since complaining because of hunger and complaining because of boredom are identical) and failed again.
I even tried to stay close to the stated number of S2 (10) and melons (20), which don't quite match up with the provided instructions.

Next time I think I'll try to start with 4x melons (plus another 4x melons after every LCL) and only feed it S2 when it cries. And if that fails, start off with 4x melons, and then 1x S2 + 3x melons.
A shame that every try takes about 60 hours until I can try again. I hope my battery lasts long enough...



LY Author

Yeah, the time it takes to re-try can be frustrating... I end up going for the Angel I failed to raise for my next run when I fail.

So basically you start off with it full of S2s and melons so that would be 4x S2 4x M. After that, every LCL you could try 1x S2 4x M instead of 3x M; it's happy enough that it doesn't mind not having a full tummy.

Then just before it's time to enter cocoon state, check if it's hungry or not and feed it 1x S2 if it is. Should be in a happy state (moving towards the screen) before it changes into a cocoon.

A swirly icon appears when you check its status with the C button if it's hungry for S2 and a circle if it wants melons.

You can see from my runs I got Armisael twice. Second time I just followed my own instructions but I might have made a typo somewhere...

Hope you get the Angel!




Oh, so when you say "4x S2 and melons" you mean 4 each? In a previous point it says "You can divide up the number of S2s and melons you need to feed".
Thanks for the clarification.

Anyway, I tried and it didn't work. Last LCL was just half an hour before coccoon, which was a lucky thing since it was stillcompletely happy. That should be exactly 20 melons fed and 11, maybe 12 S2 (should have noted it down...).
Next time I'll try the guide's method but correcting that initial feed.

Should whatever steps work for this also work for Gaghiel and Bardiel? Since they seem to work on the same principle.



LY Author

Yes, for Gaghiel, 4x S2, 4x melons for first feed.
Every other feed just 1x S2, 4x melon.

> Should whatever steps work for this also work for Gaghiel and Bardiel? Since they seem to work on the same principle.

Hmmm, could work. It seems each tier has an Angel with similar raising methods.




Thank you, following that recipe to the letter I could get Armisael finally. It went as follows:

15:25 game start. 4x S2, 4x melons
18:45 LCL clean, 1x S2, 4x melons
20:00 sleep
8:50 LCL clean, 1x S2, 4x melons
12:00 LCL clean, 1x S2, 4x melons
15:10 LCL clean, 1x S2, 4x melons
15:55 coccoon
6:00 hatch as Armisael

Since coccoon happened less than one hour after the last feed, it was still completely happy.

When I'm done with the 7th angel, I'll try this on Gaghiel.



LY Author

Nice! Thanks for posting the results here and hope you get the secret Angel for that tier =D




I got it on the first try, thanks!

Now I'm on Gaghiel. I've tried about half a dozen times, using the methods stated for Gaghiel and Armisael plus the one I ended up using for the latter and always failing.

But under controlled parameters (keeping perfect control of when the game starts, when it cries, when LCL happens, feeding 4 melons at start+each LCL) I think I've figured out the key for this


(times are not literally on the clock since there will always be some small cumulative delays. This also means there will be less than 1 hour of playtime from last 4 melons to cocoon, so as long as belly isn't at 0, it will be happy)

Basically if you feed it exactly every time it cries, it will not actually starve as fullness will only be at 0 for a few minutes, if that.

The method we used in this convo means it starved for about 5 hours which was appropriate for Armisael, but it's too much for Gaghiel. Likewise, 2 hours are too little for Gaghiel... probably. I made a tiny mistake at the end so that might alter the results.

Tomorrow I'll have it starve for 3 non-continuous hours, I hope I get it right. If it works I might be able to use this knowledge for Bardiel.




After many failed attempts I gave up.
Yesterday I realized the many melons on your table so I tried again.
Two hours of starvation + overfeeding melons + 2 perfect battles and 2 perfect centers (just in case) did the trick for getting Gaghiel.



LY Author

Gratz and thanks for the feed back again.

Think I was just as annoyed when I was trying to get that Angel too. Couldn't find much about what was needed so it was kind of trial and error for me too.




What does the number "3" or "2" mean on the column of "LCL"?
Also, my frst angel was Israfel, and I strongly believe that for gettig him, yo mainly need to perfom every single posible action, at least, one time. Is the easiest one to get.



LY Author

Oh, that just means how many times I had to clean up the LCL.




I had a question as I was confused with the key for the spreadsheet. Does the yes for lights mean yes you leave them off or yes you turn the lights off?



LY Author

Ah, they mean you turn them off so the Angel can sleep better ^^



Bird Chow

Thank you so much! I’m idiot. Finally raise something different. Onz




Awesome guide! Thanks so much. Just got mine!




I got Eva 01 doing the steps to get young Reí. 7 S2 7 watermelons 3 battle perfects 3 centres perfects. But lilith evolves from acl. Also I Interrupted some centres to get only perfects.




I want to ask. If i replace the batteries, did the data from previous game lost as when the reset button pressed?



LY Author

Yes. You will have to start raising the common Angels all over again =/




i see... so i need to raise common angel first everytime i change the batteries in order to get a rare angel.... thank you




What do the "x's" mean in the chart



LY Author

It means 0, nothing was done so "Centre X" would mean 0 target in the centre games were played.




Glad to know that you finally got Gaghiel and complete them all, Congrats!

And for the EVA 2.0's Seventh Angel, I got it by following methods:

12 of S2/ 2 of melon/ 14p 2n of battle/12p 4n center/LCL ALL/ lights Y/ ints 1/ Moods happy/ incub 10h
Yout notes is correct~



LY Author

Ah cool. Thanks for coming back with that info, Yancy ^^




What is meant by "interrupt screens" or "ints"? I want to evolve Lilith to young Rei and I don't know what it means. Thanks so much for the guide!



LY Author

It's those little animations you suddenly get sometimes. So in your case, you should keep an eye out for at least 3 of them then, hit the A button to clear them and return back to the Angel screen.

I cleared away 7 interrupts so you might also want to watch out for that many too. Hope you get her ^^




Do helps a lot, I will try the 4-8 hours group by myself and keep you noted.



LY Author

That would be good. I'm stuck on Gaghiel for that group just now ^^;