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Sagrada Reset (2017, David Production)

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Sagrada Reset (2017, David Production)



Sakurada isn't your average town. Its inhabitants and anyone who moves to the town are granted a special ability but they're limited in such a way that the user can't benefit from it and if they left town, they'd forget they even had such abilities. Kei Asai is a righteous high school student who takes things seriously and won't do anything without purpose. One day, the student council president Sumire Soma lures him to the rooftop to meet the emotionless Misora Haruki who goes about her life based on logic. Sumire was hoping their similar personalities will allow Kei to befriend her because she had no friends. Kei soon discovers Haruki had the ability to reset time for up to three days in the past as long as she created a save point. Problem was her own memories are reset too so she never remembers if she ever used the ability. On the contrary, Kei has a perfect memory allowing to recall even the tiniest detail which ends up protecting his memories from her resets.

After learning of her ability, he thought they'd be able to help many people rid of sadness if they teamed up. As a result of Kei's efforts, Haruki opens up and finds herself more expressive. She agrees to team up believing that as long as she's with him, they can make the world a better place. They soon discover their abilities aren't omnipotent and can't help everyone but that ends up motivating Kei even more to study abilities and use them for good. Two years later, the Bureau that govern abilities grants them permission to use their abilities on others as the "Service Club" and under the condition they they will be constantly monitored.

Based on a seven volume light novel series By Yutaka Kohno, the show has your cliche high school setting and the supernatural. Despite all the special abilities it's a strangely relaxed show most of the time with the characters leisurely chatting away with little to no tension at all. I think you could compare it to the likes of Natsume Yuujinchou where the scenarios run at a slow steady pace with the odd bit of comedy, brief scenes of action and of course, the supernatural. There's no sci-fi time travel or leaping involved since Haruki's ability basically just reconstructs the world around her... It's kind of like a group of teenagers playing super heroes except not quite at the same time since everyone has their own abilities. They're mostly sent on assignments helping others who are troubled by their own abilities but of course, there's always a bigger plot which gradually unfolds so you can play along with the mystery. It actually reminds me of From The New World in this regard and it always keeps you guessing.

There are quite a lot of peculiar abilities but, Haruki's reset ability alone is already interesting enough with the rules it works by. Kind of like loading a saved file in a game except there's an expiry time and it disappears after loading so it's not all powerful. I like how Haruki always reports the time after saving so that Kei knows when to search his memories. The abilities themselves end up being the surprises of the show as you don't know what the next one they'll discover is next. Some of them end up fun silly ones while others are more interesting. The odd times it can get pretty violent and gruesome because Kei doesn't show any restraint when he's relying on the reset ability. It's good to see the characters trying to resolve problems with something that's more realistic and achieveable within their current abilities (literally) rather than trying to come up with the perfect solution to not hurt anyone. It has its cute moments with its rare moments of romance while the calm witty dialogue mostly between Soma and Kei keeps conversations interesting. There's also a little fan service (not just for guys) but for the most part of the show there's none to ruin it.

Background art's clean and simple. You could say the same for the characters but animations smooth and consistent. I guess the slow pacing and resets helps minimise the amount of animation needed so, they can spend more time on quality. The show kind of makes you think Nestle sponsored them with the product placements in this show. Maybe you'll notice the old book store from Jinbocho too that also appeared in Persona 5. As for music, it's quite good and matches it's mostly tranquil mood. Opening's music and visuals kind of reminds me of Nagi no Asukara (Lull in The Sea) although there doesn't seem to be any staff in common. Funnily enough, Kei's voice actor Kaito Ishikawa voices Kihara Tsumugu from that show while Haruki's voice Kana Hanazawa (Mayuri from Steins;gate, Akane from Psycho-Pass) also voiced Manaka Mukaido.

If you watched Natsume Yuujinchou or even From The New World and liked those shows then the chances are you'll like this. Just that there's no cute chubby mascot around and the moral at the end of each sub-story is more of a riddle to solve. The show is one big mystery that takes it time to unwrap slowly and does an excellent job of it with its well developed characters.

Sagrada Reset

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