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Japan Post Celebrates Makoto Shinkai Debut 15th Anniversary with Stamp Set


Japan Post Celebrates Makoto Shinkai Debut 15th Anniversary with Stamp Set

It's been 15 years since Makoto Shinkai made his debut in the Anime industry and it seems Japan Post will be releasing a 15th anniversary limited edition stamp set later this month for 4900 Yen (£34).

Will only be available between August 14th - November 23rd 2017. The set will consist of 10 sticker type 62 Yen stamps, each featuring a scene from one of Shinkai's movies.

It will also come with a B5 sized, 64 page hardback "Message Book" with a slip cover so that the book cover looks like a gallery or album.

It will feature screenshots from all the movies up to the latest hit "Your Name" together with key lines from the movie scripts.

Personally I think the scene choice and cropping for the stamps isn't too good because it's really the background art that's the highlight of Shinkai's art. So out of the stamp set I'd say 3 or 4 of them are good...? The Hoshi no Koe train crossing, the group of friends on the hill from Promised Days, Takaki and Kanae from 5cm and the crater reunion from Your Name.

There's too much detail in the Lost Voices and Garden stamps for them to look good on the small stamp. Shinkai's movies also aren't known for their character designs either so the character centric ones don't look that great but, I guess it shows how his movies have evolved over time. Just look at Mitsuha designed by Masayoshi Tanaka (Ano Hana) compared to little Akari from 5cm and Asuna from Lost Voices...

But who knows. Might look better "in the flesh"...

Anyway this should make a nice collectible! Anyone outside of Japan like me can consider using a proxy like Whiterabbitexpress.com to order the set.

Note that orders put in until September 5th won't be sent out until October 20th while any orders put in after that date will be processed December 20th.

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