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Everyone's Gone to the Rapture

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Everyone's Gone to the Rapture

Everybody's Gone to The Rapture in Yaughton

I wanted to try Everyone's Gone to the Rapture when I saw it as a PS4 exclusive a year ago because the visuals looked really good and resembled an adventure game. Not sure what to expect I jumped in with the PC version released a few months ago.

Everyone's turned into wisps.

So something's gone wrong and everyone's disappeared. All that remains are wisps of light scattered around the village.

Unfold the story as you explore.

You go around following these wisps and when you find one that's stationary, you have to move it left to right until the circle around it shrinks. Then you hold it there and a story unfolds. Not much of a puzzle but it gives you something else to do besides just walking around.

No running in the game.

Yes, walking. That's all you can do - no running or jumping which isn't a bad thing considering the breathtaking detail the fictional village of Yaughton, England is modelled in. Other than searching for wisps, you're pretty much trying to open whatever door you can find. This was a problem in older adventure games so I'm surprised they didn't add hints about what you could interact with. It can get quite frustrating when everything you try to interact with doesn't work.

Other than that, unfolding the little scenes from the balls of light were compelling enough to keep me playing.

Yup, you can see the odd trainers hanging on wires in UK...

Presentation is breath-taking as I mentioned earlier - good use of the CryEngine. Anyone who hasn't visited the UK yet will probably enjoy the virtual tour. Even though it's a fictional place, the vast meadows, neatly kept gardens are all very symbolic of what you'll see in the suburban or rural areas.

Post Office cameo

Usually you'd only expect Japanese video games to recreate their own country in beautiful detail but looks like we have an exception here.

Great use of the CryEngine.

There's a lot of detail and the time of day passes by very quickly so you can enjoy watching the sun rise and set. Ambient sounds like birds and buzzing of electrical towers are very well done. There isn't much music until you start going in the right direction. It kind of has a Super 8 vibe to it where something strange suddenly happens all the way out in the countryside.

Starry sky.

It's not much of a game. Story's not too bad as you piece it together but it's really the visuals that stand out. At 6 hours it's just the right length to prevent the mystery from dragging out too long. If you just like to wander around enjoying eye candy while slowly unravelling a story then Everyone's Gone to The Rapture might be for you.


  • Breathtaking visuals and well directed sounds.
  • Compulsive story unravelling.
  • Very scaleable on PC - even on low settings it still looks great.


  • Same faults as old adventure games where you had to click on everything.
  • You can only walk very, very slowly...
  • Quite easy to get lost.
  • No save points. Have to wait until auto-save appears.

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