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A Lost Duck? ::

Here's something you don't see everyday. Since when did ducks perch on roofs or bushes instead of swimming in ponds or wandering on the ground? Must have been lost or something.

Never paid much attention about ducks but this one got me curious whether they can get lost or not so I did a little reading. It looks like it could be a "Rouen Duck" which originated from a region of France by the same name back in the 19th century. After it reached England, the farmers managed to breed them in such a way, they grew bigger in size. They can look like wild ducks (also known as "mallard") commonly found in parks but as already mentioned, they are larger in size...

I guess this can't have escaped from the farm then since it doesn't look very plump. Or maybe it's been lost for too long...?

I know. I must be really bored if I'm writing about ducks ^^;

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*_* The geese are back on my campus, the look plump unlike your mallard?

If it got fatter, it would be fun to watch wobble around..



Maku tama

oh~ wow! a duck on a roof!