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Europe Suggests Maximum Volume Limit on DAPs ::


Europe Suggests Maximum Volume Limit on DAPs ::

A maximum volume limit of 85 decibels may soon be imposed on DAPs sold in Europe according to the BBC. However, users will be able to override the setting to bump it up to 100 decibels.

Apparently, people are having hearing problems because they are turning up the volume too high in traffic to drown out the noise and some players go up to 120 decibels - the equivalent of a jet engine going off.

Well to be honest, I do hear music playing very loudly when I'm commuting - loud enough through their earphones/headphones as if they're being played on a small speaker. Those people should really try using headphones or if that's too "ugly" then they should use canal (in-ear) earphones. They really cancel out the noise.

Canal earphones on right.

With my old pre-packaged earphones, I had to turn the volume up to 15/40 (38%) but now I only need to set them to 7/40 (18%).

And if you don't think you'll like the feeling of having things further down your ear hole - it really doesn't feel that bad. Of course, you just can't eavesdrop on conversations any more =P

Also, the BBC should correct the headline from "MP3 Players" to "DAP (Digital Audio Player)" because these days, music players no longer only player MP3. Even iPods can play AAC audio files now while other players support an even wider range of formats such as FLAC or APE lossless files.

In the old days when these digital music players first came out at insane prices for 32MB of memory or so instead of the GB versions these days, they really were just MP3 players, though.

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Xcomp Author

"Classroom during an exam"...? You must be one of the supervisors I take it, lol.




Hrmm, it's a nice initiative, I guess.
But I'm guessing it won't have much effect.

Personally, I dislike those in-ear phones, last time I used those (at decent volume levels, nothing too crazy) I started to get chronic headaches until I ditched them. x_X

With my iTouch (and the included earphones) I generally only need around 30~40% in quiet environments (my house, classroom during an exam, etc.), up to about 70% or maybe more in really loud places (such as the cafeteria at peak hours and I really want to drown out the noise).

Fortunately, my hearing is still pretty good. I'm expecting revenge by the time I hit 30 though... But, while I live in America, it'd be interesting to see how this turns out.




A volume limit probably isn't a bad idea, though yeah, you do need to turn it up really loud to hear the music properly on trains/trams etc. I usually have to crank my ipod to about 75% to hear it properly through my crappy Sony earphones (the kind that clip onto the ear) and that's not taking into account loud teenagers/babies/crazy folk that I want to drown out.

Naturally, my hearing is stuffed now...I have tinnitus permanently XD Which is why I think a volume limit ain't such a bad idea, even though I personally listen quite loudly.