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Winter Noon ::

Was out and about in Glasgow as usual and during noon, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, the town was lit up with a rare warm golden hue as if it was sunset, casting long dramatic shadows of the busy crowd across the grounds.

Naturally, it was another moment I thought that would make an interesting photo. Of course, I done a bit of my own post-processing of the RAW by knocking up the colour temperature, doubling it for a deeper gold colour and increased the black point for darker shadows.

Winter Noon

We had fog for 3 days in a row which is what you see in the distant horizon. Usually it disappears in a day or so. "Adventuring" around in the fog's fun but not when it's thick enough to slow down the traffic and in this case, it didn't fortunately.

A foggy day in Glasgow.

Interestingly enough, you'll see all the seabirds flying low or sitting idly in the waters when the fog's out.

Sea birds hanging in the water.

This black bird is pretty creepy looking ^^;

What's this bird called...?

I guess they can't see enough to fly.

Sea birds lazying around.

I think you're not supposed to bring out cameras when there's fog because of the high humidity in the air but, whatever.

Lets go exploring!

Makes the local waterfall look much more exotic I think.

Fogs adds to the waterfall.

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