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A Stroll Through Greenbank Garden

Photo Stroll

A Stroll Through Greenbank Garden

Hmmm, seems I've been visiting a lot of parks and gardens lately ^^;

Greenbank Garden is apparently marked as another tourist spot in Glasgow but also a member of the National Trust for Scotland - One of the many places that are being run or preserved by the organisation and if you're not a member of the club, you have to pay to get in.

As small as it may seem when they hand you a little guide, there's quite a lot of detail to take in.

Greenbank Garden


Walking further in to the gates of the actual walled garden, the first thing you come across is the sundial. I thought the sculpture itself was it but...


Is this the sundial?

Looking more closely I saw the numbers were marked on each of the square faces.

I arrived here around lunchtime at noon.

The face is the sundial.

The garden itself was split into a number of sections, each section had plants from different seasons and the path you walk towards at the end is the Autumn Walk.

Walking towards the Autumn Walk.

Just so happens it's autumn.

Autumn leaves.

I was pretty surprised to find some fresh green apples about... I guess they still grow in autumn?

Of course, never took one because I didn't know if it was allowed or not ^^;

Green apples.

This is the Summer Garden. It might be because summer was over but, not many people were around apart from a few elderly folk.

Summer Garden


Think I caught this butterfly at Pollok Country Park. Anyone know what it's called?

What butterfly is this?

Winter and Spring Garden. There are a lot of benches here if you want to have a quiet spot to sit around in...

Dark bench for the winter theme.

And a lamb to keep you company if you're alone.


Where could this lead to...?

Reminds me of a video I saw on Youtube about the Ghibli Museum.


Raised Beds and Glass House area.

Raised Beds

Had a kind of marshy pond here. Now we just need some frogs for the lily pads!

Where's the frogs?

I liked the rusty looking water pump. Reminds of Ghibli again... The pump Kusakabe sisters used at their new home in My Neighbour Totoro.

Rusty water pump.

Another place you can sit around in peacefully although you'll find the gardeners walking through here back and forth quite a lot.


I think this one's for sitting on too but, not very well cleaned unlike the others.

Garden bench.

If you want some scent just pop into the glass house...

Glass House

The Trials Area.

Not much to see at this time of year but imagine the trees in the background were cherry blossoms or even just the one with the red autumn leaves was. Would be a quite a scene like in 5cm.

Trials Area

The Parterre.


Quite like the layout here and reminds me very much of the little "maze" at Pollok Country Park. I think the other has a better scale, though.

No maze here.

And opposite the sunny bench is another in the shade with two lions guarding it.

Guarded bench.

Benches of all colours and styles.

Another bench.

Entering the Bergenia Collection. This looks familiar...

This is...

Thought they cut a big "Snorlax" Pokemon from the hedges! I'd be more happy if it was the robot from Laputa to be honest ^^;

It's a... cat?

But this one's definitely a snail.


The bench for this area of the garden.

Bench and fountain.

Bees hard at work. If I didn't watch Beast Player Erin I never would have known that honey was produced from these bees carrying pollen back to their hive and spitting it out of their mouths...

Busy bees.

Then it's onto the fountain. You could hear it the moment you step into the garden and I thought I would leave it to last since they're usually the best part. In this case, it was too big to capture in a single shot with a 18mm wide angle lens.

It looks like it's a nude figure dubbed "Foam" with a small pond around it carved with the letters of a compass. Again, just like the Doulton Fountain in Glasgow Green, this was moved from another park namely Bellahouston Park and is a creation of British sculptor Charles d'Orville Pilkington Jackson.

Foam Fountain

Not quite sure what to make of it... To me, it kind of resembles a female demon but the pose is pretty elegant. At least it's not one of those baby statues ^^;

And if you don't mind gazing at it all day, there's benches around the pond north, south, east and west for you to sit around.

Foam Fountain

That's the little tour over.

Time to leave.

Can't actually go inside this house although the outside still looks pretty good.


Think of how long it would take if the garden we just had a look at was all yours... Of course, you would probably have professional gardeners looking after it if you were


Back outside to the entrance where you can grab something to eat inside or outside.


Then you can wander outside the wall to see more of the unattended greenery.

Wall of leaves.

Those aren't flowers on the tree to the left. They're berries - lots of them.

Outside the wall.

You'll see lots of little birds pecking away at them.

Berries for the birds.

I wonder if they use these for the fire in winter time...


Wonder what these things are.


Not sure if you can go back inside through here if you change your mind about the walk.

Is it locked?

Stream you probably wouldn't want to drink out of.


Greenbank's entrance was a little more difficult to locate when I arrived.


The long path leading in looks like it's for cars only.

Path leading in.


Cows about.

And pass the gates.


Don't bother following these brown signs because they point to a very busy road with no pavement to walk in from. Instead, just get off the 44A bus here where the abandoned white house is and follow the path in.

Road signs.

Quite a nice place if you want some peace and quiet - Less people than at Pollok Country Park where all the benches and tables are almost all taken. In terms of creativity, this garden wins I think.

Why not take a break?

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Greenbank garden is a beautiful place right on my doorstep and i've visited it many times over the thirty years I have lived here. I used to enjoy also walking with my dog/children on the path leading through the estate from flenders road- until today when an officious lady informed my friend and i that we were trespassing on National Trust Property and would have to pay to walk on the path. We had two children and a dog with us so couldn't visit the walled garden anyway and I had always thought that the path was a public right of way. It's rather put me off visiting the garden now :(



LHY Author

Thanks for the fill-in info! The Georgian rooms and fireplace sounds like they would be interesting to see!




Hello there, I stumbled across your page while looking for pictures of this garden, a favourite of mine which I have volunteered at for many years!!! I can confirm for you that the 'Snorlax' is infact the owl from the nursery rhyme 'The Owl and the Pussycat' although it does look rather alot like a rabbit eating a carrot to me... Also, the house is open to the public every Sunday if you would like a look inside, not alot to see as the house is now used as National Trust offices, but the small ground floor with Georgian library and dining room are on show. Also, those logs are indeed used as firewood for the fireplace in the library :)
Very beautiful photos!



Xcomp Author

Hmmm, interesting and nasty story. Poor nymph! I don't really know that much about mythology ^^;




I think the butterfly might be a monarch butterfly, but it looks a little different than what I'm used to seeing in Ontario.. so maybe it might not be one o_O;; The statue looks more like a nymph to me than a demon. She's playful and surrounded by greenery after all. Now if you had a stag with a reed next to her, that'd be a demon for certain. Ever heard of the myth of how a nymph had turned herself into reeds to get away from Bacchus? Bacchus ends up breaking all the reeds in the area, and when he found the one that was her, he hacked her to pieces and fashioned her into a flute. Thus the imagery....

I think that might not be snorlax, and might be Totoro!! =x

greenbank35b is really pretty, if you hadn't pointed out the fact those things weren't flowers I would have assumed they were.

The cows look really random! and the sheep statue is cute, I wonder if it was ever painted at any point..

Looks like you had a lot of fun =) I hope winter doesn't ravage the garden of it's autumn beauty!