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Happy Bonfire Night 2009


Happy Bonfire Night 2009


Hope you guys and girls had/have a good night out for those of you who celebrate Bonfire Night!

Mine was.... Quite a mix of events. First time I popped into town to watch the fireworks but, can't miss a good opportunity to experiment with my DSLR camera ^^;

Bonfire Night 2009

At the end of the night I had...

  • 6 groups of guys jumping around in front of the camera.
  • 1 family that stopped so that they won't get in the way (everyone else just walked pass).
  • 2 groups of cute girls who politely came up for a photo (pleasant surprise) ノ( 。・▽・。)

Quite a night. I don't mind people walking pass the camera because I'm patient enough to time my shots - It's a public area after all, not a studio. I would have found it weird if there was a giant space around me anyway.

Unfortunately, I had the camera set on full manual for these low light shots so the shots of the random strangers posing for the camera didn't turn out right - They seemed to be in a rush anyway so I couldn't adjust the settings in time.

Oh well, I'll remember to flick AF back on next time... Think the record above will be broken next year?


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