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Glasgow Green Fireworks 2009


Glasgow Green Fireworks 2009

Went along to Glasgow Green for the fireworks display in town this year to see what it was like since I've never been.

I remember the city council here used to run the Bonfire Night event at George Square and people needed tickets to enter the premises. Here it's free and there's plenty of space.

Glasgow Green Bonfire Night 2009

Arrived at around half 6 when George Bowie from Radio Clyde started entertaining the audience, picking some volunteers and giving away prizes such as free tickets for the upcoming Hogmonay celebration. Full points for his enthusiasm.

All the carnival attractions were near the entrance which reminds me... Been a while since I've been on the bumper cars.

Carnival rides.

Ambulance and police vans were on standby so there was a certain level of safety reassurance.

There were rows of mobile toilet cubicles lined up here and there too.

Ambulance and police on patrol.

And there were a number of food stalls if you were hungry - noodles, chips, hot dogs, burgers, crepes... Something for everyone I think.

Or you could just get something hot to drink. Wasn't that cold really.


The monument lit up at night. Light wands and flashing bunny ears were everywhere. I don't see any of those multi-coloured rings or glowing happy faces around anymore - Used to beg my parents for them every time we went to see the fireworks ^^;

You can see the crowd was really starting to pick up...

Monument at night.

There were so many powerful spotlights set up in almost every angle, I ended up with plenty of flare in the lenses. The lens hood I had was effectiveless.

Light wands for sale.

Started off with few people on the grass. It was raining the day before so it was too muddy to step on or it was dark where the spotlights didn't reach and you risked stepping on "surprises" ^^;

Some people came prepared wearing wellington boots but I just had trainers on. I walked onto the grass anyway because the pathways were too full of people for any chance of clear shots and too close for wide angle.

Muddy muddy muddy.

Huge crowd was gathering at the centre of the park by 7pm...

Crowd gathers and waits.

The fireworks underway at half 7 as scheduled with everyone counting down. Too bad I couldn't capture the count down on video because I was too busy trying to make a video tour of the place.

And it starts!

First time trying to shoot fireworks and they didn't turn out too bad.


Finding the right exposure time wasn't that difficult...


I think it's more a matter of luck so that there were enough fireworks in the sky when the shutter is open.


I didn't choose a great spot...


I wanted to capture the atmosphere and the crowd but there were too many people walking by. Maybe I should find a more isolated spot if I make it next time.


I was busy trying to multi-task, recording video and shooting pictures... Worked out alright but I felt it was a bit risky showing all that equipment ^^;


And here's what I managed to record minus the guys jumping around. Originally had the crowd in it too but when I looked over the videos at home, I decided it was best to crop them out... ^^;

I miss the Lumix TZ7's HD stereo videos but my old compact didn't do too badly...

Fireworks finished off at around five to eight and people were reminded to leave in an orderly fashion.

Show's over.

I thought the show wasn't too bad but I think the fireworks could have done with a bit more colour variation.

Crowd dispersing.

Felt like the whole of Glasgow were moving around together and the police were stopping cars to let people cross as part of the crowd control.

Was going to trace my way back but decided to follow the crowd through Merchant City and make my way towards the bus stop.

Time to leave.

I didn't spot any big bonfires being lit this time round but the whole town was filled with smoke.

George Square

It kind of made places look like some special effects were going on.


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