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How Well Does P3P Play Off UMD?

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How Well Does P3P Play Off UMD?


So far, we've only seen P3P running off the new PSP Go - Which means it loads faster off the built-in memory. But how does it play off the traditional UMD on older PSP models?

Director Hashino shows you just how well the dungeon crawling and life sim parts of the game load in the fourth entry of the P3P blog.

P3P Blog Entry No. 4

Note that he didn't make use of the optional "memory install" which allows players to install part of the game to the memory stick to load the game faster, just like what Capcom did with Monster Hunter.

Doesn't look too bad the loading times.

P4 wins a prize.

On another note, Persona 4 won an "Excellence" award from this year's Japan Game Awards 2009. Congratulations Atlus!



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The loading times look on par with the Persona PSP release of just some weeks ago (in english). Heck... I could even live without the optional install. Unless it becomes unbearable like with the Dissidia game.