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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 28 ~ 31

Anime Kemono no Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin, Episode Summaries 28 ~ 31

Episode 28
The Death of John

A letter arrives from John's son telling of his death because of heart disease. Erin was very upset at the news but tries to act normally around everyone. Tomura returns from his holidays and notices she wasn't herself and decides to talk to Ethal about it. An idea comes to mind. She decides to leave Kazalm for a day together with Erin so that they could visit the "secret hideout" that she and John used to go to. Along the way there, Ethal tells Erin all sorts of things about when John was still a student. He used to gather all the failing classmates and try to teach them and she would never understand why. When she asked, she learned he wanted to discover the talents within people. As Erin learned more about John and arrive at the little hut, she begins to feel better. She thanks John for discovering and helping develop the hidden talent in her and that she will lead a life that she won't be ashamed of.

Kemono no Souja Erin 28

Episode 29

A Beast's Fangs

The rest of the students including Yuyan were returning to Kazalm too now. They catch sight of Erin going about her business, taking care of Lilan as usual. When they see her carrying a giant brush to sooth Lilan while she changed her fur, they all decide to watch. Lilan looked very comfortable as Erin brushed her fur but suddenly, she strikes out at Erin biting her shoulder. Waking up, Ethal reminds her not to let her guard down just because she was getting along with Lilan. She was still a beast and beasts only submit to fear. Erin is handed the Soundless Whistle but she refuses to use it. Hearing this, Ethal demands she writes a will that if anything should happen, it was because of her own stupidity. As time passed by, Erin spent time away from Lilan and began to remember the words of her mother Soyon and John. No matter how friendly beasts become, they were still beasts. However, looking at the tools she created to nurse Lilan back to health, she returns to Lilan's side and prays that she won't have to control through fear, even if it leads her to the same end as her mother.

Kemono no Souja Erin 29

Episode 30
The Fourth Winter

Erin was now 18 years old and was the highest grade student at Kazalm. Ethal receives a letter to say that a new teacher named "Kiriku" was going to arrive at the conservatory this winter. As she and Clarisa settle down for some tea, they are reminded of the time when Erin first arrived and everything that has happened so far - From her fascination in why living things are the way they are to the way she managed to get along with the King Beast Lilan. With the country now divided by those referred to as Wajaks, those who served the Grand Duke and Horons, those who lived and served under the Shinoh. Ethal comments that Erin didn't know she may become a key role between them. Ethal thinks to herself that perhaps Erin will be able to accomplish the things that she couldn't do when she was with John long ago. For now, it was time to prepare for winter.

Kemono no Souja Erin 30

Episode 31
A Sky of Light

New opening, remix of the original "Shizuku (Droplet)" by Chitose Hajime.
New ending, "Kitto tsutaete (Be Sure to Let Them Know)" by Takako Katsuaki

The new teacher "Kiriku" from Tamuiwan arrives at Kazalm, responsible for teaching about poisonous plants. He brings with him a large sum of money to help the conservatory which was lacking both financially and human resources. Almost everyone seemed to take a liking to him and knew he was from a rich family but they didn't know he was a Saigamul and a Horon raised in a Wajak family. Rumours that someone was raising the King Beasts without abiding by the rules had already spread across the country although Erin's name isn't mentioned. Kiriku probes around trying to learn more about Erin, commenting how her name meaning "Wild Apple" was fitting and asking how she managed to control the King Beast without the Soundless Whistle - So much that he is called in by Ethal to remind him the fact Erin was a People of the Fog was to be ignored. Meanwhile, it was the winter holidays as it began to snow. Erin was still as fascinated about the King Beasts as she was before. When taking out Lilan out for a walk in the cold winter, Lilan runs and falls over a cliff. As Kiriku watches Erin flying to the sky on the dazzling Lilan, he is reminded of his little sister Tahya.

Kemono no Souja Erin 31


Quite a few events... John's death which was pretty much foretold in episode 27 but, Erin getting bitten. That must have hurt and made quite a dent in her confidence but recovered pretty quickly. For a moment Erin was looking stubborn when Ethal was telling her off.

So now we have a spy in Kazalm. Looks like everyone likes Kiriku's sweet talk apart from Tomura, Erin and Ethal. If he was to kidnap Erin, it wouldn't be too hard for him since Iyar isn't around. The funny thing is that even though he's supposedly working for the Saigamul who supports the Wajak, he seems to hate them at the same time so was he going to achieve by trying to assassinate the Shinoh? I'm guessing it was him that faced off Iyar and fired that arrow. Even Lilan growls at him. He's probably working as a double agent for Damiya as revenge against the Wajaks for treating him badly and somehow killing his little sister. Not too sure because that brief flashback. I like the sly fox symbolism they used and Damiya is clearly aiming for the next Shinoh position through Semiya when he hands over that model to her.

On the other hand, I don't like the folks song style remix of the opening. They really like time lapses in this show, don't they? Funny how Erin's voice hasn't changed since she was ten years old.

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