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Presents at Moomin Valley DS

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Presents at Moomin Valley DS


I really enjoyed the Moomins show when it was on TV here in the UK and went onto reading the English translated Swedish books back in primary school. Found I still do like it when I watched it going through all my old videos.

Anyway, kind of surprised it's getting a game since it hasn't been getting much exposure of late. Due on November 19th, players will be able to experience the world of Moomin as Moomin himself through the seasons in "Moomin Tani no Okurimono". Events are recorded in Moomin Papa's diary and there will be mini games to play such as fishing, gardening, running errands and helping complete an encyclopaedia.

Drop by the official website for the trailer.

Moomin DS



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Xcomp 作者

In Japan yes... I don't know about the UK I'm afraid.




Omg ( : I love the moomins, will the game be out this november? and in the UK?