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7th Heaven Spotted in Town


7th Heaven Spotted in Town


Phew! It's been so hot and sunny the past few days here, almost rivalling that of HK! But look what I came across while I was wandering around town - "Seventh Heaven". Never noticed it before because I hardly pass by this part of town but I immediately thought of FFVII when I saw the sign.

I doubt we'll find Cloud or Tifa here though because it's not a bar...

7th Heaven in Glasgow

It's a night club complete with lap dancing service ^^;

Can you imagine...? No, never mind.

Nothing to do with FFVII of course.


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Xcomp 作者

I didn't... Doubt I could handle the excitement.



Maku tama

Wow...totally different from FF7's Seventh Heaven lolz
Did you go inside? ;;;