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No More Heroes Desperate Struggle Revealed

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No More Heroes Desperate Struggle Revealed


It's been three years since the first game and Santa Destroy has been developed into a tourist site. One day Travis Touchdown, who has fallen down to rank fifty-one, meets the provocative Sylvia Christel from the UAA again and a story filled with battles begin.

There's not much details at the moment besides some teasing screenshots but it seems they haven't changed the system much from what's written in this issue of Famitsu. Pro wrestling moves are back and so is Beam Katana action only this time, you can dual wield.

No More Heroes 2 with dual wield.

It seems your first opponent will be Nathan Copeland, president of an underground hip hop group. Then there is also a mysterious girl who "confesses her love" before showing it with her Beam Katana.

Oh, and Suda is looking for readers to submit t-shirt designs and those who played the prequel will know there were many wacky designs to collect and wear.

Is that girl...

I'm not looking for any change really because the game was great as it was. Despite being repetitive, the levels were short enough not to bore before going head-to-head with the unique bosses. I wonder why Sylvia's back though. I'm sure those who finished the prequel and have seen the endings will have a good guess as to who that "mystery girl" is if it follows the typical Anime scenario...


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