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Live News Report by Misato Katsuragi on Your PS3

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Live News Report by Misato Katsuragi on Your PS3


The PS3 doesn't have many good exclusive games (at least for me), yet here's what they decide to do with it...

From June 6th 2009, PS3 owners will be able to subscribe to "Misato Katsuragi's Information Plan" for 800 Yen (US$8) per month which will have Misato reading news from the internet via the "NERV News 24 Channel" covering everything from Anime, politics to sports. News can also be heard via the PSP using remote play once this is purchased.

The backstage can be customised as well as Misato's clothing and hairstyle. Backstages available include NERV HQ, the dining room from Misato's apartment and the classroom from Shinji's school.

Gainax is ready to do anything to squeeze money out of their Eva franchise.

Misato reporting the news.

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