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Leaving for Hong Kong Soon


Leaving for Hong Kong Soon

I will be leaving for Hong Kong on some business and will be there for two weeks so during that time, I will most likely not be making any posts unless I find somewhere to access the internet because the place I'm staying won't have any. If I can't find any, I'll just have to have all the posts prepared offline and post them when I return.

With the whole Influenza A (H1N1) going on, I can't say I'm looking forward to going through customs with all the extra health checks taking place. I saw on the news they're recording the health details of new arrivals, making them fill out forms asking which country you came from. Well, at least the media will be gone now that they've done their coverage there.

I think it's just going to be a little bit riskier travelling around the more crowded areas of the country - Especially the tourist spots. Might have to be prudent and grab a mask which is also selling out quickly at shops supposedly. Parents are naturally worried of course, telling me to make sure I wear one on the plane and schedule an early flight back if I can ^^;

Flying soon.

I've been to Hong Kong countless times already so usually I'm not all that excited but, the last time I was there I hadn't quite taken an interest in photography yet or started my photo stroll posts. So this time, I'm quite looking forward to the trip, hoping to take a bundle of photos and write something while I'm there. That and I have a better camera this time. I have a few places in mind that I want to re-visit and one or two new ones that I've seen on the news.

Hmmm... Not exactly sure what I'll do for the 12 hour flight. I could bring Persona PSP along but I'd rather enjoy it with no distractions so, maybe I'll stick a bundle of unwatched Anime on my netbook such as Dennou Coil and watch those. Brilliant the Samsung NC10's battery lasts for 6 -7 hours straight and can play 720p videos without a hitch.

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