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Bandwidth Depleted for April, A Bit of Blog Stats


Bandwidth Depleted for April, A Bit of Blog Stats


Ouch! Looks like the decision to host 227MB of those unofficial Trauma Centre OSTs privately really hit my bandwidth usage this month, eating up the full 30GB allowance and knocking my blog offline since around 08:30 BST. I don't see many hits to those posts though, which means a lot of people must have been "leeching" off my blog even though I asked not to link directly to them nicely.

The New Blood OST being the most popular had 296 downloads (13.5GB), Second Opinion OST received 58 downloads (2.6GB) while Under The Knife OST received zero.

That only accounts for roughly half of my monthly bandwidth so I really don't know where the other half went when my daily traffic's halved since I decided to stop trying to cover all Japanese PSP/DS related news. Perhaps it's because I host larger full size photos now when I'm reviewing purchases I make or taking those photo strolls.

Top 10 URLs for April 2009

I still had 6GB of bandwidth left a week ago and had decided to temporarily remove the soundtracks. However, after changing the location of the files and fixing up the links again in an attempt to deter leechers, those few gigabytes too almost disappeared in less than a few days, leaving my blog with only 300MB of bandwidth left yesterday afternoon so I ended up removing them permanently.

Unfortunately, all that wasn't enough to keep the blog live for the last day of April but on the bright side, I didn't have to purchase more bandwidth now that it's been reset for May.

I guess I'll just stick with those free file sharing sites in the future.

I noticed over the course of the day my blog was offline, there were still a few odd hits from people who were reading via Google's cache. Just out of curiosity, what is it with people searching for "Case of Denzel" over the past few days...? They're not searching for "downloads" or "torrents"... Just the name so I'm presuming there's a lot of people who don't know where the recent animation originated from.

Well, feel free to find out what it is by reading my translations of the official FFVII short stories which I had done shortly after they became available. You can also always read Vilaeth and Cockatiel's version of "Case of Denzel" on Adventchildren.net which is worded a lot better than mine I have to admit... But don't forget to check out the "Case of Tifa" and "The Maiden Who Walks The Planet" too for the growing FFVII fans amongst you.

Right, back to sorting out the rest of the posts I want rolled out...


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