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Kemono no Souja Erin, Episodes 08 ~ 11 Summaries

Anime Kemono no Souja Erin

Kemono no Souja Erin, Episodes 08 ~ 11 Summaries

Episode 8
The Beekeeper John

Asson returns to the People of the Fog to report what happened to Soyon and they are all deeply grieved by the news. It was also fortunate that the Grand Duke's follower decided to tell everyone to keep what Soyon done during her execution a secret or they would be in trouble. Meanwhile, Erin is found by the jolly beekeeper John one day as he goes out to check on the bees in the wild by the river. Unfortunately, Erin was still very badly shaken by the ordeal and was having trouble getting over the death of her mother. As she gazes out at the larval outside, she remembers her mother words about how humans were like the caterpillar changes from a weak larva into a butterfly. Once they've decided to change, their hearts will slowly change, allowing to them to merge with a new world and live on.

Kemono no Souja Erin 08

Episode 9

The Bees and Erin

It's been a while since Erin managed to get some rest peacefully. As the new days begin for her, she learns many things about the bees that John took care of. Life was different than at Ake Village with each day filled with one surprise after the other. Erin learned a lot about bees such as how the queen would leave for a new home once a colony reached a certain number and only the children that are fed royal jelly become a new queen. However, it was also during this time that she is once again reminded of her deceased mother Soyon. When she learns that John used some of that jelly worth a piece of silver to heal her fever - Enough money buy some high class beef used only at festivals for three adults. Her heart is filled with helplessness as she realises she has no place to return to and couldn't possibly repay the kindness of this stranger no matter what John said to her.

Kemono Erin 09

Episode 10
The Bird of Dawn

John and Erin go to the town of Salim to stock up on daily necessities. Along the way, Erin comes across a cloaked man playing a harp. The song was very soothing and reminded Erin of the happy times she spent with her mother Soyon. After learning the song was called, "The Bird of Dawn" the man suddenly disappears. Continuing onto a store that sold persimmons, they find it was closed because the owner Yuan had fallen ill. Her son Talka escapes from the labour camp to bring home some medicine after hearing of the news but gets stopped by the guards. As Talka was being taken away, Erin was once again reminded of her mother when she was being lead away. She asks them to let Talka have a proper parting with his mother and almost gets hit for trying. Fortunately, the man from earlier comes to her aid. Later, Erin learns from John the song was a lullaby and that the man maybe one of the Shinou's royal guards who must bide by a certain law just like The People of the Fog. When Erin stops the guard Iyan from killing the egg thieves she met before, she has her life theatened.

Kemono no Erin 10

Episode 11
Behind The Door

At the Grand Duke's fort, Shunan finds a threat letter amongst the goods that were going to be delivered to Shinou as well as a poisonous Chichi Modoki. Suspecting it maybe the Saigamul, he decides to investigate while his brother Nugan decides to have the troops on standby just in case. Meanwhile, Erin was helping John as they prepare to move to the mountains. Some poisonous Summer Blooms were blooming which meant that summer was here and they had to move to the Summer Mountain where there were still flowers for the bees to collect nectar from. Just before leaving, John goes out to visit his master and warns Erin not to enter one of the rooms claiming there was a monster inside. However, being the curious Erin, she enters the room and finds a large collection of books of which one was the Book of Poison her mother possessed. As she reads them, she remembers the time when her mother Soyon had taught her how to read.

Kemono no Erin 11

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