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Rideback, Episode Summaries 06 ~ 09

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Rideback, Episode Summaries 06 ~ 09

Episode 6
Lightning Rideback

It's the sixth summer since the death of Rin's mother and she goes to pay her respects with her grandmother but Kenji her brother is nowhere to be seen. One evening after going on a walk with the recovering Shouko, Rin comes across her brother together with a bunch of delinquents on Ridebacks, terrorising the town. When the GGP (Global Government Plan) and White Ridebacks are brought in, Rin decides to intervene and help him.

Rideback 06

Episode 7

Crimes and X (Punishment)

Rin and her brother Kenji are arrested while more White Ridebacks are being deployed throughout Japan. Kenji is forced to admit that he was responsible for the deaths of his seniors to help the GGP cover up their atrocities. As Rin is locked up helplessly in her cell the others are worried about her but choose to believe in her innocence while continuing the Rideback Club's activities to prove they aren't all bad people. Okagura also decides to take action, freeing Fuego from its cage for Tamayo before taking out Romanof's agents later that night and sending his greetings as the "Goblin" he was once known. However, while being transported to the GGP base, Rin is freed by the terrorist group BMA and Okagura is forced to go see their leader.

Rideback 07

Episode 8
Get Ride! The Chosen One

The reporter Kei digs further into the past and learns of the "Arizona War" in which Okagura and Romanuf had fought together in the GPP against the world's super powers. Using the Ridebacks that Kily McCanon invented, they manage to over run their main base, ICBM and lead them to their current status. She decides to go find out more feeling responsible for Rin's capture. Meanwhile, the GPP had trailed the BMA back to their hideout and were already locking down the area. However, just before the fight, the BMA's leader Kiefer already knew but decides to explain about the Rideback's OS "RRON" that Okagura had helped further develop so that the machines could choose their riders, memorising the movements and reacting to them.

Rideback 08

Episode 9
In A Garden of Warmth

The fight against the GGP is temporary over as Okakura escapes with Rin. Angered by Kiefer's threat, Romanolf announces a state of emergency, raising the anti-terrorism units to level four alart. All unlicensed Ridebacks were to be confiscated and no civilians were to leave their homes at night. He is determined to wipe out the BMA terrorists within the next month but the local government were upset that they were never notified.  As a result, there are many protests arise demanding the GGP leave the city. Meanwhile, Rin was safe but was beginning to think she shouldn't get on another Rideback ever again. She had always thought it was wonderful to "fly" freely on Fuego and treated it like a friend but now, she claims that she realises it's all been a lie and she just wanted something in place of her injured legs.

Rideback 09

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