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The 1st Global Makoto Shinkai Day

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The 1st Global Makoto Shinkai Day

Just when I was reading over Kazuma Kaneko's thoughts about the "powers" of the internet and how it compares with the "spiritual world" I came across this...

1st Global Shinkai Day '09

Looks like fans from all over the world will be gathering together at the Makoto Shinkai English Fan Forum this weekend to chat with each other while watching his movies. If you don't own copies of his three commercial movies i.e. 5 Centimetres per Second, The Place Promised in Our Early Days and Voices of a Distant Star, Crunchyroll will be streaming them during those 24 hours beginning 01:00 GMT Saturday morning.

I might drop by the forum because it sounds like fun. Probably either during lunchtime or morning GMT instead of the first session that starts one in the morning here. I'm not so sure about voice chat though. I will be interesting to see how many will be making time out to join this online gathering.

It will be even more interesting if Shinkai himself popped along but we wouldn't have any confirmation of that until someone wrote to him or, saw him say so on his site afterwards. Surely someone must have notified him about the event by now.

Right, I better go finish off preparing my other posts and what not if I'm going to spend time in this event.

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Xcomp Author

No problem! Hope the first day turns out to be a big success!




Hey XComp,

Thanks for posting about the event :) I sent Shinkai-san an email a while back but I haven't heard anything from him. I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that ComixWave tells him about it and he shows up in some fashion.

Thanks again for the mention :)





"It will be even more interesting if Shinkai himself popped along"

That's certainly something to look forward to. Even a brief message to his fans this weekend should help encourage participation in next year's event and fix Global Shinkai Day on anime enthusiasts' calendars.