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Trauma Center New Blood Soundtrack

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Trauma Center New Blood Soundtrack

Been a while since I finished Trauma Centre New Blood for the Wii and since I haven't posted about the soundtrack yet, I thought better late than never. All the tracks are mainly composed by Kenichi Tsuchiya who assisted Shoji Meguro for the DS game but, Atsushi Kitajoh was also responsible for a few of the tracks.

The one you'll find here is the unofficial version ripped by Cubed who also provided the soundtrack for Under The Knife and for Second Opinion. There's actually an official soundtrack available this time which also seems to coincidentally contain 39 tracks. Odd that I can't find it on Atlus Net.

Grab the soundtrack from Sendspace. Thanks goes to reader Calvin for linking me to the rip over a year ago and Cubed for doing a great job of the rip once again!

Trauma Centre New Blood Unofficial Soundtrack

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Xcomp Author

I haven't really looked because it didn't make much of an impression on me. Sorry ^^;




Also...... you haven't by chance found a Trauma Center UTK2 soundtrack have you?



Xcomp Author

They must have expired or something. Re-uploaded them to Sendspace now!




Thanks for the link to the soundtrack. The links for Under the Knife and Second Opinion seem to be broken though. I can't get to download them ):
All the same, thanks for the New Blood link. I will thoroughly enjoy it (:



Maku tama

yay~ trauma center!! and yay kenichi tsuchiya~ *squee*
thank you ^^