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Persona 4 Scarf, Pendant and Jack Frost Mugs

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Persona 4 Scarf, Pendant and Jack Frost Mugs

Wouldn't mind wearing this instead of my current scarf but unfortunately, it appears to be unavailable for order currently. I think only people who have played Persona 4 will recognise the pattern while everyone else will just see it as a bright flashy scarf in the streets.

The white Jack Frost Mug B and drinking glass set look pretty cool too. Might have to bug my Japanese contact to help forward the goods over once they're back in stock since they're exclusive goods for the Atlus D Shop. Not sure if I would get the 925 silver "Fool" pendant though considering the price. Or maybe go for the "High Priestess" one instead!

Persona goods!

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oh snap! 96 dollars for that pendant! wow... maybe i'll just make one... thanks for trying to post the link!




Hmm... a Jack Frost mug for cold drinks, and probably a Pyro Jack mug for hot ones? lol



Xcomp Author

I was going to link you to the page but, looks like they can only be viewed during opening hours I think which is 10:00 - 16:00 JST. The price was £96 (12,500 Yen) at the current exchange rate so it's not cheap... Damn credit crunch!

I'll try and update the post with direct links if they become available again so everyone can see more photos.

Could be an idea for your next cosplay!




The blue mug is pretty cute, I would surely buy it.




that scarf looks knittable, or paintable. >_>

*readies knitting needles.. to walmart for yarn <_<!




oooohh i love the little pendants! man they are only shipping to Japan though right?... sucks