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Episode 5 Summary
"Those who get in our way aren't limited to people who are close to us.
Sometimes those we don't know can just be as harsh towards us."

Yuki was out of the shower now and was waiting in her bedroom while Touya took his. A concerned look crosses his face as he thinks back to the times they had spent together.

Shower scene.

He finishes up but smiles as he finds Yuki fast asleep on the bed. He sits down to gaze at her face for a moment and was thinking of leaving her a note before leaving but changes his mind. He heads downstairs where Yayoi was waiting. She had tried to ring their bell earlier but no one answered. Touya explains Yuki was fast asleep and couldn't wake her. He also says he hasn't touched her but secretly thinks apart from her lips.


Touya was going to walk home but Yayoi persists in giving him a lift. She knew his address reading his CV at the studio. They take a detour after she finds out he wasn't in a hurry back and eventually stop by the river to talk about Yuki. Long ago, Yayoi was Rina's manager but one day, her image was ruined when a photographer had took a picture of her buying cigarettes for the producer. The picture was then published and a scandal broke out. Ogata Productions was in serious trouble and Yayoi was fired as Rina's manager. They only managed to recover because both Rina and her brother pressed on but they never did find out the truth only that the producer had received huge benefits for ruining Rina. Ever since then Rina has always tried to stay strong and not show people any weaknesses. Yuki was now heading towards the same path.

Rina was just as naive.

After hearing what Yayoi had to say, he understood what she was hinting at. It was best if he stayed away from Yuki before something similar happens and her career is ruined but, Touya just didn't understand why he should just quit his job at the studio. Yayoi reveals everything is already arranged so that the both of them are separated - how Touya got fired and how Yuki was made busy with a vocal lesson. Touya was considered an obstruction for Yuki and Yayoi was trying to get rid of him. Keeping her emotionless face, Yayoi tells him there will be benefits. Suddenly, she takes Touya's hand and places it on her breast. Touya quickly backs off. Still emotionless, she offers to be Yuki's replacement so that he won't be lonely.


Touya is driven back home but is reminded of Yayoi's offer. She was persistent, asking what he had planned for the rest of the day. Touya waves her off, claiming he was just going to sleep for the rest of the day. However, he is surprised to find her back yet again at his door that afternoon for a date. Learning that Touya had nowhere he wanted to go, she invites him to go with her to see a movie together, telling him not to worry because she will be paying.

She wasn't driving the company car. As they took the train, she reminds him what they had talked about earlier. Touya wonders if she has told Yuki to stay away from him yet. Yayoi doesn't answer and claims it wasn't something she should answer.  Soon they finish watching the movie and it was raining.

Yayoi emotionless as usual.

Yayoi shares her umbrella with Touya before they leave to dine at a restaurant. As they ate, Touya couldn't help but gaze at Yayoi's lush lips as she chewed. Both of the same taxi home, stopping by at Touya's place first. She suddenly leans over in front of him, wrapping her arms around his neck, reminding him she can become Yuki's replacement before kissing him, surprising Touya once again. However, he felt no heat from her lips as if they were those of a lifeless doll.

She keeps on advancing.

Touya quickly leaps out of the taxi as Yayoi takes out a bundle of notes and offers it to him. He watches the taxi drive away in the rain and Yayoi gazing back to him before returning inside. He finds an envelope with a note written on it from Misaki. She had written a play script for the upcoming campus festival and wanted him to read it before letting her know his thoughts about it.

As he sits down to read it, his phone rings. It was Rina calling inviting him out. She wanted to talking to him about something but again, Touya puts the invitation down saying he had some business he had to attend to at university and it wasn't with Yuki. Disappointed, Rina hangs up. Again the phone rings but this time, he doesn't pick up. He apologises to Yuki many times in his mind. The next day at the lecture, he thanks Haruka for helping him re-register last Saturday but ends up making excuses when asked where he had been. Haruka turns away to ignore him for the rest of the lecture.

Touya listens to Yayoi...

Not long after the lecture, Misaki was waiting to meet up with Touya but she is pulled away by Tamaru. He had decided they were going to have their meeting earlier. For a moment, she was relieved they accepted her play but her face turns to concern once again when she is told to make all the costumes and props too for the campus festival. The rest of the group agrees and leaves. Misaki tries to protest but Tamaru wasn't going to let her off unless she could write up a new script that would just allow them to wear their casual clothes. She looks down and Tamaru smirks. It was nothing compared to what she did to him.

Misaki's is imprisoned by her conscience.

Touya arrives late and doesn't manage to find Misaki. He comes across Akira and tries to ask him but he didn't know. Akira tells him to stop trying to pull him and Misaki together before walking off, claiming he was too busy. He was going to prepare crime scenes from some classic mystery novels and had to work.

Returning home, Touya receives a message from Yuki through Haruka since she couldn't get through to him on the phone. It was encoded in pager numbers but just in case, Haruka passes on the message that Yuki won't sleep tonight and will be waiting for him. He flips through the TV channels before lying on his bed thinking over the day's events and the times he has spent with Yuki.

Yayoi or Yuki...

He gets up and grabs his jacket, deciding Yayoi can't be Yuki's replacement but is stopped when the phone rings. Misaki was crying over the phone, asking for Touya's help wondering what she has to do. As he listens to Misaki, he thinks to himself that he was the one that didn't know what he should do.

In comes Misaki...


Someone had said on the forums they would get interrupted and indeed they did but not the way they were predicting. Yayoi doesn't interrupt. Instead, Yuki falls asleep out of exhaustion!

But WTH?! I thought Yayoi was going to offer Touya money when she wanted him to part with Yuki but, she offers herself instead! And she is very persistent with her advances too... I wonder if she's either lonely or, trying to snap a picture of them together so that she can have it as insurance, blackmailing Touya with it later in case he ever does get near Yuki.

Then again, probably not. Touya's getting the attention of a few too many girls now so that may mean Yayoi's feelings just might be real too. It's kind of edging towards a harem show but without the fan service. Yayoi being the cool beauty out of all the girls and there always is one. Just how long will Touya last if she keeps it up?

On ther other hand, I wonder what Misaki's being blackmailed about...? Price of doing something against her conscience? Touya's idea about repaying his "goddesses" is going to bring him down eventually. Just eight more episodes to go?

Must thank Aohige from the Animesuki forums about the whole pager coded message!

Pager code.

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