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Kurokami The Animation 03

Anime Kurokami the Animation

Kurokami The Animation 03

Hmmm, another bit of new info I didn't know about Kurokami. I knew it was based off a comic but, didn't know it's actually based off a Manhwa (i.e. Korean comics) by Dall-Young Lim, not Manga! Had been thinking it was of Japanese origin until now. Well, at least the Anime itself is produced by Sunrise.

Episode 3 Summary

Keita wakes up sweating heavily after dreaming about last night's events. He notices the wound on his chest and realises it was real. Hearing a munching sound, he slides open the door into the living room and finds cheery Kuro sitting there having raw instant noodles for breakfast.

Munch Munch

It was real after all. Kuro lets Keita know it's best of they stay close until the heart she's given him settles down. Until then, she won't be able to make full use of her powers to fight like before. At first, Keita doesn't quite believe her but eventually notices the scars on their chests. The doorbell rings and it was Akane doing the daily visits. Before Keita could stop her, she enters just in time to see Kuro lifting up her clothes innocently.

Sitting down for breakfast, Kuro explains that a contract is formed between a Tera Guardian and a chosen individual when their hearts are exchanged. In Keita's case, she did it to save his life because she felt responsible for what happened. Akane doesn't quite understand but, she decides it was best if Keita went to the hospital to have a look at the wound. Keita wasn't happy at all about what has happened. He shouts at Kuro telling her to leave before returning inside to his room to get some more rest. Meanwhile, Akane decided it was best if Akane took a bath before they left to get her some new clothes.

Sales lady doing a rubbish job.

After going shopping, Akane leaves for work and it was time for Keita to go to school too. Despite Kuro's persistence, he warns her to stay at home until he returns at lunchtime. Not long afterwards, two Tribal Ends break into the apartment to capture Kuro. They knew she had just formed a new contract so she wouldn't have the strength to fight back. However, Kuro struggles just enough to allow her to escape. She grabs the towel that Keita had used so that PuniPuni could track down Keita.

Kuro gets beaten... Again.

Back at school, Keita had felt every kick and punch Kuro experienced back in his apartment. He rushes out of the classroom quickly to return home only to be stopped by his teacher Tsubota. Back in the classroom Keita learns that he had done some research about the Doppel Liner system after being told about it. He thought it was a marvellous system if it only allowed the ones with the best of fortune to live. It would create the ideal world.

Just then, Kuro runs into the classroom gasping for breathe but glad to see Keita was alright. However, her expression changes when she realises Keita's teacher was another Tribal End. Tsubota and Kuro break out into a fight with Tsubota having the upper hand. Kuro is pinned to the ground as her face is smacked mercilessly punch after punch. Keita clutches his heart unsure of what to do until PuniPuni barks, signalling him over to a fire extinguisher. Without hesitation Keita hurries over and grabs it, aiming it at Tsubota and firing it before he could stop him. Kuro thanks Keita as they run away.

Tribal Ends everywhere.

However, they couldn't get very far before Tsubota caught up with them. They had no choice but to fight him. Just before luring Tsubota away, Kuro explains to Keita they have to perform "Synchro". Both of them must have the will to fight and defeat their opponent. As Keita follows the them, he eventually learns that his teacher had been selling information about his students who could be suitable candidates for creating Master Roots. He was responsible for his friend Risa Yamada's death and showed no signs of regret. A sudden anger burns inside Keita as he finds out the truth. He order Kuro to defeat Tsubota as their hearts synchronised. This allowed Kuro to defeat Tsubota with ease, sending him out the window and landing in the school grounds below before two school girls.


As Keita and Kuro ran off away from school, he knew that his life won't be the same. He will just have to fight.

Another highschool student caught up in trouble.


Oooo, Akane's getting jealous over Kuro. Well, can't blame her when Kuro's innocently flashing herself and wants to sleep with Keita. Then again, Kuro's only a little girl. And talk about fan service too when we see Kuro trying out all those clothes but in the end, she wears her original set again. Had to laugh at the autonomous sales lady repeating, "It looks good on you!" just to get a sale!

The fighting animations still don't fail to impress. Every movement flows pretty much flawlessly. I don't notice any inconsistencies that would make the scenes too fictional so far until they use their powers. The environment around them scrolls very smoothly too. Had to wince at every hit Kuro got. I think the Kuro abuse is going to continue throughout this show...

And look! A Sega Saturn!

It's a Sega Saturn!

episode summary

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