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Akikan 04

Oh, I know so much more about cans now!

Episode 4 Summary
Getting Lost, Running and Thinking

Melon was sitting next to a vending machine on a deserted street, still bothered about how Kakeru didn't understand an Akikan's feelings. Just then, a silver-haired girl appears nearby and speaks out her thoughts.

Melon thinking things over.

They just wanted to be loved. As she watched the Yell before her rummaging around for change, she laughs. Yell looks up puzzled, not knowing what she was doing wrong. Melon wonders what she meant by "to be loved" and blushes when Yell replies her new master hates her. She asks no further. Taking out her purse, she offers Yell a drink even though she didn't exactly have the right change herself.

Don't know they're rivals yet.

Suddenly, both of them notice the tabs on each other's ears and takes their distance cautiously. However, Melon is surprised she knew nothing about the Akikan Elect competition until she finds out Yell "Girlished" i.e. took human girl form not too long ago. She jokes at how hard it must be to have a weird owner but Yell takes it as an insult about her owner. She turns on her Isotonic Sword and swipes out at Melon who just manages to block it with her shield.

Being insulted as a steel can who knew no shame, Melon retorts she was just a big aluminium can with greater capacity but not as solid in structure. Yell answers back that aluminium cans were being sold at the same price as steel cans even though they had lower capacity. They prepare to fight when they are interrupted by two drunken business men who appear nearby. Melon decides it was best if they weren't seen but Yell who was new to the human world, decides to kill them instead. Hearing this, Melon quickly provokes Yell by calling her a broken can before leaping off to the rooftops. Yell gives chase wondering what it meant.


Meanwhile, Kakeru was worried about Melon. To keep her off his mind, he grabs Amaji demanding to know why his nose was bleeding when they could have had fun with such beautiful girls. Amaji pleads that they shouldn't just sleep without permission in other people's homes naked. Their loud chatter wakes Yurika who was imagining spending time with Najimi and trying to get over what she had said the other night. They are reminded Najimi has been out for some time. Leaving Amaji behind to comfort Yurika, Kakeru decides to go out to look for her because she had left her mobile behind but finds her sitting drunk outside her own door.

Najimi blushing bright red, waves happily to Kakeru but almost immediately her eyes well up with tears too. She starts hitting Kakeru blaming him for losing her treasured moment. She threatens to throw up all over him if he doesn't agree to go on a date with her. Knowing she was still drunk, Kakeru agrees just to get her back inside.

Weird laugh.

The next morning, Kakeru wakes up and calls out Melon's name. He had forgotten what happened and realises how much he missed her. He also remembers what she had said about how people finished the juice in them before throwing them away. As he leaves to go home, Najimi comes out of the bath to remind him of the date. Kakeru hadn't forgotten and suggests they go on the date tomorrow on Sunday but Najimi wanted to enjoy looking forward to it so they choose the following week instead.

Arriving back home, Kakeru finds Melon sitting by the door with an lightly cut arm. He rushs over to take a look asking what happened but Melon looks away saying it was her own business. When Kakeru challenges her why she returned, tears well up and she whispers almost unwillingly it was the only place she could return to. Seeing this, Kakeru decides to tease her saying she must have missed sleeping on his thigh and his lovely skin so that she was back to the Melon he knew and it worked. He laughs despite being burned by one of her Melon bombs again before returning inside.

Melon's hurt.

Inside, Kakeru learns about the aluminium Akikan that Melon had fought with while he treated her wound. Melon didn't know where Yell had come from and Kakeru wonders why she wished to fight in this Akikan Elect so badly. Seeing the look on her face, he decides to give Otoya a call to let him know they will be joining. The doorbell rings and Otoya greets them, glad that Kakeru had made up his mind. However, Kakeru had another plan in mind and only wanted to negotiate with the other rivals first. Otoya wasn't pleased at the idea but nevertheless hands him a radar that could track other Akikans by detecting the Alu-waves or Steel-waves they emit. Their particular radar was set to allow them to detect aluminium Akikans.

It's an NDS... I mean a radar.

After Otoya leaves, Kakeru decides to learn more about Akikan Elect and learns that "Elect" could mean "erection" in English ("ru" in Japanese can be romanised as 'r' or 'l'). He explains it was the energy source of all men. Melon doesn't understand what it had to do with Akikans and leaves the apartment while Kakeru gives chase claiming he was getting to the good part.

Kakeru getting worked up about "Elections".

Najimi on the other hand, had learned about Yell from Otoya not long after everyone had left her home. She had decided to leave Yell alone, giving her some money to go somewhere she liked. She tries to keep her mind off the lonely look Yell gave her by thinking about the date she was going have with Kakeru but, the nagging feeling wouldn't go away. Soon it was sunset and she was sitting alone at the park. She soon realises what she had to do when Budoko came along and she sees how happy she was with her owner, Misaki.

Must have a sunset scene.

Thanking Budoko, Najimi rushes off to the bridge where she had left Yell but couldn't find her there. She was surprised when she finds Yell back home and had cleaned everything up. It was the place she wanted to be and she begs Najimi to let her stay. Najimi makes up the excuse she needed a maid to keep the apartment tidy so that Kakeru would like her more and welcomes a happy Yell to her home.

Yell is allowed to stay.


The dumb scenarios continue but so do the gag jokes.

It was hilarious how Najimi punched Kakeru in the face when he said she wasn't hurting him. That face Melon made when Kakeru got the wrong idea about "Elect" was brilliant. I guess it's the writer using puns again since the episode titles all use "kan" as one. Instead of "election", it's "erection". Ah well, it's a Shounen show.

And the lesson this week is... How to open cans! From the easiest method to the hardest method we have using a can opener, using a coin, using a key and lastly, asking a passerby to open it for you! That way you can keep those nails in good shape!

How to open a can.

Do these little bits of trivia even apply to drinks over here?

episode summary

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