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Dot Hack Link for the PSP

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Dot Hack Link for the PSP

The latest title in the .hack franchise, .hack//Link will be for the PSP and feature all characters from previous titles whether they appeared in an Anime show, light novel or Manga.

There isn't much detail about the system yet but, the story will be presented in Manga style and will take place in an evolved version of The World, "The World R: X". One day, Saiki Amagi takes out a mysterious black disk labelled "R:X" and when her friend Tokio Kuryuu touches it, there is a burst of light. Together they travel through space-time and reach The World.

More screens and character art can be found on Game Watch.

.hack//Link for PSP

Never really played any of the PS2 games but, I enjoyed the shows .hack//Sign and .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet. That was when I imported my first Anime OSTs.

.hack//Sign OSTs

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Guys Bandai owns both Digimon and .hack... that could very well BE Tai





"I wonder if Digimon will be suing over the likeness of that red-headed guy and their Tai character…"


Thought the same thing... a young boy, almost identical to tai, somehow "transported" to a digital world.
.Hack lost my sympathy with that




I never finished the anime.. but I can tell you, the original ps2 game was made of dungeons and grind! You know the shin megami tensei mmo, you grab one of those bronze, silver, or gold plates to generate a random dungeon, well in the original hack you'd put keywords together to get a dungeon!

Then you'd grind grind grind! Some dungeons you'd get the names from other npc's so you could advance in the plot!

Other than that, this looks kinda like Dissidia's upgrade on the Final Fantasies too! All the characters have been redesigned!! Gosh, I hope they also get new weapons as the game goes on, and they're not guest members of the party only!!



Xcomp Author

That's why I ended up importing the soundtrack ;)

I doubt it. Quite a lot of character designs look alike when it comes to games, Anime, Manga.




I wonder if Digimon will be suing over the likeness of that red-headed guy and their Tai character...




There is also that rumor that Link might be the last .hack installment, which, as much as I like the series, wouldn't be bad. Well, who knows?

The games are ok in terms of gameplay, most people played them mainly due to the story/characters (well, that's what .hack is about).

I'm glad you enjoyed Sign, as it's usually regarded as the "black sheep" of the family. Besides the fantastic cast of characters and plot, it also has in its favor an outstanding soundtrack. I have yet to see (or hear, in this case) an anime that tops it in terms of music. One of the best works of Kajiura.

Seems I wrote more than I expected. :P




.hack//Link (Twilight Knights) == Kingdom Hearts, but replace Disney and Squaresoft with all the .hack series. ^_^

Wonder how will it be played, since it's in the PSP? Probably the same as GU's interface, but slimmed down for a portable console...