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FFVII Advent Children Complete Cloud Black PS3 Revealed

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FFVII Advent Children Complete Cloud Black PS3 Revealed


Looks like SE wasn't satisfied just calling the bonus item set that come with their upcoming FFVII Advent Children Complete movie, "First Press" editions. The official name is now "Trial Version Set" according to Dengeki Online and the movie isn't just HD... It's "Beyond High Definition"! Good to see the company having great ambitions.

We also get to see what the Blu-Ray boxart of the movie and the 160GB "Cloud Black" PS3 looks like which seems to feature the "Cloudy Wolf" emblem. Kind of getting tired of seeing Cloud and Sephiroth being stuck on the front cover of nearly all the FFVII related merchandise to be honest.

Watch out for the sets in import stores on April 16th.

FFVIIAC Complete Trial Version Set


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Maku tama

ohh wow...another FFVII stuffs XD;;;
guess SE still can't get enough of FFVII
let em rest already for God's sake >>;;