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Episode 3 Summary
An Akikan's Feelings

As Kakeru and Melon made their way towards the school gates, they find a short purple-haired girl standing before them, staring at them with a hint of anger and her cheeks puffed up.

Wait til you hear her talking.

The girl's name was Budoko and she was an Akikan. She could tell Melon was from a steel can because Otoya had told her their tab was on the left ear Otoya. After moving to a more isolated place to avoid the bad attention, Budoko begins the attack but her seed fireing moves were so harmless that Melon doesn't even bother fighting back until she launches some real explosive grapes. Melon then finally returns fire with her own explosive melons but, Kakeru stops her for getting so serious over a child. She really shouldn't be listening to the suspicious Otoya's words. Surprised at Melon's firepower, Budoko leaves the hall.

Spitting seed attack!

On the way back, Kakeru jokes about how Budoko might grow up into a beautiful girl one day and return to him if they are nice to her now. That would really bring some happiness to him. Melon begins to wonder what happiness meant to her and thinks back to how Kakeru had called her an idiot during the fight. He didn't understand an Akikan's feeling at all. She runs off without saying a word. Kakeru doesn't give chase because he didn't know what was wrong and thought she didn't understand him either. He kicks the lamp post in frustration and ends up hurting his own foot.

Continuing his way back, Kakeru stops by the vending machine where he had found Melon and begins talking to the female voice that gave instructions. He is surprised to find Najimi staring at him later but quickly recovers. He didn't feel like returning home and decides to stay over at Najimi's place claiming they should invite everyone over for a study session, much to Najimi's disappointment.

Naughty ideas.

Arriving at Najimi's home were she stayed alone, he was surprised at how messy her room was. Najimi laughs and explains she didn't want to waste things that were still usable. Otherwise they may turn into monsters and come back to haunt her. She even brings some tea that she's reused countless times for Kakeru to drink and uses the minimal of everything.


After an awkward bath and reminiscing their childhood days, Kakeru learns Najimi doesn't always want to be protected by him and wanted to repay him for rescuing her that time when she was almost held hostage. She was worried about him because she noticed something odd when he was at the vending machine. Kakeru thanks her and lets her know she had already repaid him enough for being there for him when everyone else had shunned him.

Kakeru returns to the room to find Yurika at her usual acts. She wasn't happy to see Kakeru coming out of Najimi's bathroom but, eventually the friends settle down. They don't really manage to study and a fight breaks out between Kakeru and Yurika again when Kakeru makes some dirty jokes about call girls but Najimi calms them down by bringing out the snacks Amaji brought. When Kakeru decides not to drink one of the cans he opened, Najimi takes it instead because it would be such a waste not to have it but, Kakeru had forgotten how she got drunk whenever she drank any carbonated drinks and this time, she ends up all over Kakeru, making Yurika very jealous. Yurika tries to kiss Najimi instead only to get shocked she didn't want to.

Najimi's drunk from fizzy drinks!

The study session was soon over and Kakeru was making his way home. Najimi was still drunk and was going outside to get some more drinks at the vending machine and to her surprise, she ends up with a silver-haired girl stealing her first kiss. The girl was a sports drink Akikan named Yell.

First kiss gone to a girl.


Well, that "study session" didn't go too well did it? Not a bad episode but not quite as funny. I really didn't like the grape girl's voice and the fight was dumb. Probably the worst part this episode.

I see the little lessons towards the end of each episode has been cut out from the RAWs so far. Oh well, it's not as if they're that interesting anyway. So steel cans are used for holding beverages such as coffee, tea and highly carbonated drinks due the pressure inside and, that's why Melon isn't inside an aluminium can...

Reasons for steel cans.

Was it really a good idea to let the views know this? It just shows how ridiculous this Akikan Elect tournament is.

Ah, wish we had as much choice in the vending machines over here when it comes to beverages.

episode summary

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Xcomp Author

Good change and experience for him. His role here pretty much walks hand in hand with his other role as that AI in SoraKake Girl.




Haaa... I'm still not used to seeing Fukuyama Jun voicing someone who's not a "cool young man". Then again, I've yet to watch Inukami!. Gotta do that some time.

So they finally decided to introduce the other Akikan, Yell...