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Episode 2 Summary
Study Time

Kakeru wakes up with what appears to be a bad dream. He gets up and drinks from his melon soda but forgetting he had to let Melon know beforehand.


That morning, Melon spends the time watching baseball on TV. Kakeru starts to wonder if she gets lonely when he's off to school and decides it was probably best if she goes out somehow. At first, Melon refuses claiming her energy will be depleted quickly if she did but, Kakeru insists for her own good. Arriving at school, he gets on his knees begging Najimito help him admit Melon into the school. He will do anything. A strange look crosses Najimi's face when she hears this and she agrees.

Tanomu! Onegai desu!

Back home, Kakeru lets Melon explains she will be attending school with him the next day when they are interrupted by the doorbell. He goes to answer it and is horrified to find it was the crazy man from the other night, Otoya who was actually from the Ministry of Economy. He slams the door shut only to find a chainsaw cutting up an opening. Otoya and his assistant enters claiming he had some serious business to discuss.

Excuse us.

He wanted to improve the efficiency of cans by deciding whether to keep to aluminium or steel. While doing research, they discovered the existence of Akikans and how only one girl exists from each type of juice. He now wants these Akikan fairies to battle it out to decide which kind of cans they should keep. He was sure Kakeru would be able to help considering what he done two years ago. At this, Kakeru was furious and kicks the two out of his apartment.

Serious discussion...

The next day at school, everyone was surprised at the cute "cousin from Denmark" Kakeru had. Together she and Kakeru's friends sits down for lunch in the cafeteria much to the displease of Najimi. Eventually Melon gets upset and confused why Kakeru was doing so much for her and runs down to the cold storage room. Kakeru follows and Najimi too soon after.

All three of them ends up being locked up inside which is when Melon learns of the incident that occurred two years ago when Najimi and Kakeru were still only eight. A group of men that had a grudge against Najimi's father had held her hostage and one day, Kakeru had tried to help her, tearing the gun away from the men and shotting them. Fortunately for him, they were only badly wounded but after that, no one really approached Kakeru and he had to move.

The trauma.

Before long, the three friends manage to leave the storage room but not without Kakeru getting a beating from Yurika first for spending time alone with her precious Najimi...



The insane comedy continues. I thought it was Otoya chainsawing his way through that door until I saw it was Kisaki! Then they were a bit over-direct with the whole "drinking the saliva of a maiden" thing - That just surprised me but funny all the same. Now we're going to have some sort of steel versus aluminium Akikan tournament too?

I see the mark on the wardrobe is still there and they haven't stopped on the consistency in visual detail this time round either. Liked how Kakeru ended up patching up the door with what was cut out of it after kicking out the crazy Otoya. Interesting how he's written Melon's name on his doorsign too now.

episode summary

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Well, at least the plot's starting to move forward now...

But the quality of the TV episode was quite low, sadly.... T_T
I just hope it gets fixed next time. I was so waiting for this series to air too.



Xcomp Author

Hmmm, yes. I've read how people are complaining about the animation quality. I don't really notice much, though. As long as the crude humour continues =P