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Microsoft Products, Maximum Number of Activation Times

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Microsoft Products, Maximum Number of Activation Times


Never knew there was a maximum number of times for activating Microsoft products so I was surprised it wouldn't let me activate over the internet this time after I upgraded my PC and was re-installing it. I was thinking to myself, "Why did I buy this when I can't freely install it on my own machine?" I usually like to clean up my PC now and then which means I have to re-activate my copy of Office 2007 Ultimate Edition many times.

MS Office 2007 Ultimate

Fortunately there was a free phone number to call in the UK to activate it via an automated service and it works, even though it can't be activated over the internet anymore.

Don't forget the student offer is still up at The Ultimate Steal if you're in the UK and have a valid academic e-mail address. I think they have it in the US too. Cheaper and more value for money than the Home and Student Edition available in software shops. Saves the hassle of using pirated copies.

Just remember to backup your downloaded software if you decide not to opt for the discs because you may find a hard time re-downloading them again later if the site disappears.


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Xcomp 作者

Thanks for all the info, Tim!

I had to clear out my PC again recently to deploy Vista and noticed I could activate via the internet again too since phoning. I don't mind activating as long as I can use my legitimate copy.



Tim James

I bought the same offer a while back, and yeah there is an activation limit. Office ultimate's licence is a 2 computer licence, so your technically only allowed to have it installed on 2 pcs at a time. After 2 activations in close time proximity, online activation will fail and you have to use the phone. if you activate too much (like i did after having way to many pc problems in a month) you might have to talk to an oporator, but if you explain the situation they will clear your key up and you can activete it no problems.

I have noticed that the online activations seem to clear up after a few months, which is handy!

So on the grand scale of DRM, id say its a pretty good system. Its not too restrictive and ive been able to move my licences around 5 or so different computers in the year ive owned it.



Xcomp 作者

Hmmm, never noticed that! But Windows 7 is in the works so people just might want to hold out ^^;




91% off for the USA! Thanks =3

Also, a quick note. You can buy vista ultimate (red) there to.