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Akikan Anime

Akikan 01

Ah, the ideas the Japanese come up with. From watching the opening, I knew I was in for a wacky show. What was the light novel writer Jouriki Ran thinking when he came up with Akikan...? Lots of suggestive ideas.


Daichi Kakeru is a highschool student who likes to collect cans. One day he buys a Melon Soda and drinks from it, he finds himself suddenly kissing a young blonde haired girl. He believes it was just a dream and decided to enjoy it. He soon learns that it's real and she was actually a can fairy who can change into human form whenever someone er... drinks from her. The juice is her life source and it can only be replenished if she drinks the same juice. She can return to can form whenever the tab on her ear is tugged. Now the two will be living together as Kakeru becomes her new "owner".

Melon and her new owner.

Weird but also fun enough so far. Kakeru prancing around shamelessly naked and then getting blown away by a magical girl seems pretty typical Anime but, nice touch leaving the mark where he got blown against the wall.

Is he going to fix that?

Some of the comedy actually reminds me of Comic Party. That councillor Hidehiko Otoya is just scary! The show seems to have a bit of everything in it...

Besides the comedy, the theme songs are rubbish although they might be catchy if you didn't know what they were singing!. I'm starting to get tired of hearing Jun Fukuyama's voice because I've heard it in a lot of titles including Code Geass, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Sigma Harmonics and a few other titles. I hear the same voices every time I watch dubbed Anime in HK so I'm expecting more variety when I watch the original shows but, I guess it can't be helped with his popularity.

Cans turn into girls!

Melon's character design reminds me of IdolM@ster. I think anyone new to fansubs will have figured out how to say "idiot" from this episode.

episode summary

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