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White Album 01

Not going to write long detailed summaries anymore because they take up far too much time. The staff over at Random Curiosity does a pretty good job of summarising already and I only wrote long detailed ones up for Code Geass R2 and Persona Trinity Soul for my own reference.

Don't read on if you don't like spoilers. I'm sure this White Album will be big with Anime fans considering it has both Aya Hirano and Nana Mizuki in it.

Title Screen

So Touya Fujii is your regular university student but with lots of girls liking him which isn't surprising considering this stems from a dating sim. Even his room setup looks very familiar. His girlfriend Yuki Morikawa is an idol and he wakes up dreaming they will have to break up because of her starting up career as an idol. He gets encouraged to try and hold onto their relationship and he definitely seems to be trying. His best friend is jealous of how nice Misaki Sawakura is being to him but both manage to still get along. He has a belief in fate and that there are "goddesses" helping him and Yuki get together but ironically, he thinks of his idol girlfriend as an everyday girl.

Tohya and Akira

Yuki Morikawa on the other hand, is being bullied by her fellow performers because her friend Rina Ogata scolded them live on TV. She isn't let down and still manages to get out of the situation by turning her stained clothes into rock style clothing. She then makes time out for Fuyuki on the phone during her break.

Yuki Morikawa and Rina Ogata

Nice setup so far. I can already feel the distance between the two as they struggle to keep the relationship going. The contrast works well showing them going about their daily lives as if everything is normal but behind it all, something was happening. I guess the opening dream made an impression and immediately the viewer knows what's happening already. Since he never gets a chance to tell Yuki about the dream at all, we just know it's what may break them apart.

An invisible struggle.

The opening "Deep Love (Shinai, 深愛)" and ending "Like Falling Snow (Maiochiru Yuki no you ni, 舞い落ちる雪のように)" songs sounds good even though there wasn't much animation going on.

Looks like I'll be following this show. I like the text that appears when Touya is thinking instead of narration being used.


episode summary

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