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Christmas Wishes from Atlus

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Christmas Wishes from Atlus

This month there is a special issue of the Atlus Express magazine where all the various directors have gathered from the company to wish everyone "Merry Christmas." Drop by the site to find the full size images.

This one of the beautiful Velvet Room sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth is from the Persona 4 art director Soejima.

Elizabeth from P3 and Magaret from P4.

Kobayashi, director of Etrian Odyssey II.

Etrian Odyssey II

A Christmas version of Angie from Kanada, director of Trauma Centre New Blood. You can find the summer version of the image from the survey that was sent out a few months ago.

Angie in Santa suit.

Unfortunately, there's no Bishounen for the ladies... But! There is this trampled, angry looking Kuma from Persona 4 director Hashino!

Better not let him work at Santa's grotto!

Xmas Kuma

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Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!

Take care and God bless!^^




In my corner of the world, the midnight hour has come and gone.

Merry Christmas. (^_^)



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