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Pangya Portable to Have Three Different Packages

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Pangya Portable to Have Three Different Packages


According to Ruliweb, Pangya Portable will be available in three packages - basic, limited and limited special.

Basic Edition

Contains the game and a premium members card. This card allows players to have the following privileges:

  • Use a total of 9 costumes from the PSP game in the online PC version.
  • Newcomer's pack when joining online which includes 30,000 Pang Points.
  • Join in any future Pangya related events.

Limited Edition

This contains the game with an alternative cover.

A 16.5cm of Kooh.

PSP pouch.


And of course, a collector's box to keep it all in.

Limited Special Edition

Has everything the Limited Edition has but includes a Pangya themed PSP-3005 Piano Black. No photo of what it will look like yet.

I don't think there's a release date for the game itself either but, it appears pre-orders are being taken on December 10th in Korea.


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Do waaaaaaant ;w;
Mainly for the OST, though... I want to buy it just for that...

...Oh, and the Kooh figurine is tempting too. ;w;





o_o psp holder cat

must.. resist forcing other people to order for me...
must remember I can sew I can make it myself hrumph! >_<~

but those eyes, those eyes so empty sucking me in owo

ohh manggg




Hmm... This looks like something I would buy.

Nice find ^_^