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Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora Episode 9

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Mahoutsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto: Natsu no Sora Episode 9

Episode 9 Summary - First Love

I was so surprised by the rapid development in their relationship.
Go Gouta, go! - Rei

Sora was talking to Michiru over the phone that morning. She had seen their rescue operation and was proud of her. They do a bit of catching up and learns Michiru was going to meet her boyfriend Touyama. She was very grateful to Sora for casting that snow magic and helping bring them together. She also wonders if Sora's found a boyfriend too when she learns about her new mage friends and teases her.

Hanging up and making her way to the wash basin, Sora finds Gouta there too. She apologises for acting so superior back at Kujuukuri but Gouta thanks her for helping him and invites her out. There was a place he wanted to show her.

Sitting alone on the train together towards Enoshima, Sora smiles joking how it was as if they were on a date together. Without turning round, Gouta says it wasn't just "as if" and Sora quietens down, blushing. They soon arrive and go for a walk around together. Sora learns this was where he went surfing but he's stopped now ever since he got into trouble from Saori. He had decided to give it up for now that he didn't give himself an excuse to get away from learning magic. It may also be a good idea to stop his hobby for a while. As they walk side by side, Gouta hesitantly takes Sora's hand in his. She holds his back.

They settle down at Gouta's favourite place where he always went to after surfing. As they ate their meal of fish, Sora remembers the time when they first met she had gotten off at the wrong bus stop. She really didn't like his attitude at the time. Gouta explains his mother had left them at the time so he had been feeling down. Quickly he changes the subject before Sora could ask any further. She doesn't pursue further.

The sun was shining brightly and the sea was glittering beneath its rays. The two find a spot to sit down, enjoying their time alone together quietly until Gouta's phone rings. It was Yamabuki on the phone. She is disappointed to learn that Gouta was by the sea with Sora but hides it, claiming she just wanted to invite everyone out to enjoy the last day of their break. She hangs up, only to find her phone ringing again. Asagi was phoning and notices her dull voice. She wonders what happened and why she was wasting such a beautiful day indoors. She invites her out, asking if she wanted to go eat some ice cream because she found a big ice cream shop at Nakano. Yamabuki cheered up a little and agrees to go.

Back at sea, Sora and Gouta were playing by the waters laughing as he chased her. They take a rest, gazing into the waters, admiring how clear it was. She will have to bring her mother next time and show her how beautiful it was. Suddenly, they hear a young boy crying loudly near them. Guessing he was lost, Gouta lifts him up on his shoulders and manages to cheer him up but, he wasn't willing to tell strangers his name so they decide to call him "piggy-back boy" for now.

A few minutes later, a woman in a white bikini and in big shades runs towards them calling out "Souta". It turns out it was her son. After Souta leaves, they laugh, thinking how his name was made from Sora's "So" and Gouta's "Ta". Sora comments how cute the little boy was and Gouta agrees, saying that the mother was too. Sora scrunches up her face angrily and walks off. Gouta tries to make it up, going after her saying he was joking.

They resume their trip, dropping by the Ejima Temple where Sora learns visitors can either take the stairs up or the escalator which is exactly what they choose to take. At the top they decide to take an O-Mikuji (fortune paper). Gouta's one was fairly good, a medium blessing but Sora didn't seem happy with hers. She manages to hide it from Gouta despite his efforts to find out from her. After taking a little break, Gouta was ready to show Sora the place he wanted her to see.

It was the Fujimitei, a restaurant on a steep hill. The sun was setting by the time they got, the sky a bright yellow with only the dark silohuettes of the distant mountains lined up along the horizon of the sea. They find themselves a table outside, overlooking the beautiful sight.

Sora overhears a little boy behind them talking outloud with his father who had ordered him a large soda drink with a scoop of ice cream on top. She found him very funny and just couldn't help listening to their converation, watching the boy until Gouta reminds her their meal was getting cold. Just before eating, Sora gives Gouta a present, a shiny stone she found while they were at Kujuukuri.

Finishing their meal, they go up on top of the viewing tower alone, kissing before making their way back and stopping by the stores that were still open at night. They pick up some Enojima Manjuus as gifts for their instructors and head back home.

The next day at school, Gouta and Sora arrives separately at school together but Asagi already knew about their little relationship after hearing they were alone by the sea from Yamabuki. Kuroda chips in, wishing they all could have gone together but gets shouted at by Asagi. He didn't know what was going on but blushes when he realises and stares at Asagi. She too blushes when she realises what he had on his mind.

Downstairs, Yamabuki approaches Gouta again wondering how his day by the sea had been and if he was the one that invited Sora out. He almost chokes on his coke. They are interrupted when the other students crowd around Gouta, impressed by the magic power he showed at Kujuukuri even though he couldn't use magic when he first arrived. Yamabuki smiles at the sight but walks off with a sad look on her face.

After school, Gouta happens to come across Kuroda on the way home. Kuroda teases him for being popular but quickly quietens down when Gouta says he was starting to act like Asagi. Off to browse the shops alone, it begins to pour suddenly. He runs off home all soaked but was glad to see Sora was home already. Her famiiar white shoes were in the hallway.

The thunder and lightning breaks out too as he makes his way to dry himself out. He looks out the window and there in the room opposite, he finds Seiichirou and Sora together. Sora was sweating as she sat on a chair, closing her eyes making no move to resist as Seiichirou was kneeling before her. Seiichirou's face moves in towards her bosoms, closing his eyes as he rests his face in between them.

Gouta drops his school bag in shock.

Later that evening, Gouta goes out to wander alone very upset about what at he saw. As night dawned, he finds a dimly lit place called Pistol Pinok and decides to drop in for a drink. He wanted something strong but finds himself being served Uron tea instead. He couldn't fool the bartender who jokes that she didn't have any alcohol for children who were beating themselves up. He gives up and tells her that he had no where to go tonight. She smiles, humming along to the background music and offers him some curry to eat.

Next episode, "Life".

Eheheh! I saw something interesting today! - Kana


WTH?! What was Seiichirou doing pressing his face into Sora's bosoms for! Really can't think of a good reason why he would do that... Just right after her little date with Gouta as well. He doesn't have a lolicon does he? He didn't seem too happy when he heard from Saori they were getting together.

On the other hand, poor Yamabuki. Wonder what happens to her now that everyone's pretty much paired up.

Enojima looks like a great place to visit.

Really, sometimes this show is more like one of those holiday programmes.

And I remember these things! Think it costs 20p over here to put your palm in the mouth and get your fortune read. Some of the stuff about my personality was pretty accurate...

For those interested, Yasuko's (micc) song was "Aozora no Mary (青空のマリー)" this time, "Mary of the Blue Sky".

Looks like there's a live action movie coming this December!

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Xcomp Author

Er, yes... Keikaku toori indeed. I saw it coming since they met day one and Sora called him an idiot really. Nice that he realised the mutual feelings between each other... But doesn't seem to recognise Yamabuki's for him.

Will get round to episode 10 soon too. Want to know what Seiichirou was doing...




rapid development? nah. this is KEIKAKU DOORI! XD

There were subtle hints in the past episodes that *something* is developing between the two. The casual talks they have, when washing the dishes, helping out breakfast, the train rides... then the epic episode 8 where Sora became instrumental to Gouta's magic awakening. Gouta is just smooth and acted on his feelings ;)

Though, this really ended in a cliffhanger... *off to watch episode 10*




I dropped this series a few weeks ago, but your posts (as well as a recent write-up on usagijen's blog) are slowly pushing me towards putting MTnTnK:NnS back on my "Actively Following" list. I'm beginning to think I acted with undue haste when I set it aside.

In any case, I trust both your judgement and hers, so there really must be something in this series that makes it worth watching.



Xcomp Author

LOL, sure! So which episode do we get to see you in? =P




> On the other hand, poor Yamabuki. Wonder what happens to her now that everyone’s pretty much paired up.

I'll take her, lol.

Thanks for the continued blogging of this show. With the subs dribbling out, it's nice to have something to back up my poor comprehension when watching the raw versions.