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Trauma Center New Blood Gets An European Date

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Trauma Center New Blood Gets An European Date

According to GameFront, Nintendo has finally announced an European date for Atlus' "Trauma Center New Blood" on the Wii for 7th November 2008.

Can't wait to play it! Just when I was asking when will we get our hands on it too. Hope we'll have a better boxart than the US one!

Like the artwork? Head on over to the Japanese site to download a free 47 wallpaper pack.

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Huh? Kazuma Kaneko? Seriously? :D

I can almost see a connection with this, Atlus, and Persona already.



Xcomp Author

Well, P4's character designer was Shigenori Soejima while for New Blood it was Masayuki Doi. I think I read they're both students of Kazuma Kaneko, one of the earlier artists at Atlus so that would explain why their art has a familiar touch to them.




Is it me or does the art style remind me of Persona 4's portraits? Especially with the tones...

That's a good thing, might I add. :D