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Free Online Game Megami Tensei Imagine Going West


Free Online Game Megami Tensei Imagine Going West


All you people who have been wanting to play Atlus' online Shin Megami Tensei Imagine in English will soon be able to because Aeria Games have announced they've acquired it. While all the familiar MegaTen elements are there, those looking for P3 "shooting in the head" however, will have to look elsewhere.

You can read my preview of it here when I joined the beta which is pretty close to the current version of the game. The big difference is the story missions are now open and there are dungeon instances that can be generated (like in WoW) to go fight bosses. I don't know about how Western folks will act but, I thought it was interesting how the Japanese I partied with shared the cost of the expensive bronze and silver medals needed to enter one of these dungeons.

It's a fun free MMORPG to play for those who like a dark visual world with a matching mystery story centring around a giant monolith. You're going to have to pay to get hold of the special items that really distinguish your character, though. There's no date for this English version yet but, keep your eyes peeled for the beta.


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