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Code Geass R2 - Episode 20

Anime Code Geass

Code Geass R2 - Episode 20

Episode 20 Summary - Unfit to be Emperor

Suzaku continues to stand inside the crater before he notices Nina had arrived too. He walks past her, congratulating her coldly on her success, showing no signs of comforting her. The FLEIJA really was a powerful bomb and it had killed millions. Just what Britannia needed to seal their victory.

Meanwhile, Lelouch was standing before Rollo's grave. He thought over his father's actions and concluded that he will find him at Kamine Island. He was right because that was exactly where his father was planning to link all the Geass ruins together using the Ragnarok Connection to restore the Akasha Lelouch had damaged earlier.

Anya feels something tapping into her mind again but this time, it manages to take over completely. She flies to the Ikaruga and lands there to find a frightened C.C. She approaches her and are transported into the World of C. She walks pass C.C. before turning round to greet her. Seeing that she was not recognised, she reveals herself as Marriane. C.C. had sealed herself away all this time but quite know why she did it herself. Marianne laughs and invites C.C. back to the real world so that they can help her find out why. She's thankful for the Geass that C.C. gave her even though she had violated their contract.

At another part of the Ikaruga, Viletta was having trouble deciding to return to the Britannian forces or not while Diethard, suggested they announce Zero's death to the world. They were not going to reveal the Geass power because people may end up thinking they've gone crazy. And so, the news report that he was wounded during battle but passed away during treatment aboard the Ikaruga.

Returning aboard the Avalon, Suzaku enters the break room and tries to borrow the new Lancelot Albion from Lloyd but he was willing to. Suzaku tries to convince him but is interrupted when Schneizel and Cornelia enter. The mood tenses as Cornelia asks what happened to Guilford. At first, Schneizel and Kanon tries to tell her that Guilford was the one who fired the FLEIJA but, Suzaku steps into say it was his responsibility and didn't want it being used to cover up what Guildford had done. Suzaku claims he wanted to do it to become the Knight of One.

Lloyd laughs, saying only the Emperor himself could grant such a promotion but their surprise, Schneizel says he will take the Emperor's place. The Emperor was considered unfit for the throne because of his involvement with the Geass research and frequent absence. He simply didn't care about the world enough to stay Emperor. Hearing that, Suzaku decides to offer his service to assassinate the current Emperor so that he may atone for what he has done to the people.

Suzaku had now reached the Emperor on Kamine Island while Weinberg was being held because he wasn't comfortable about Schneizel's idea. Suzaku had no problems eliminating the Emperor's guards and thanks him for giving his promotion. However, he was now here to assassinate him because of two crimes, namely not taking his position to rule and staining his hands in the research of Geass.

He slashes out at him but ends up facing the Knight of One. Suzaku was no match for him. The "Live on!" Geass that Lelouch had placed upon him was telling him to run but he struggled to fight on. Just as the Waldstein was about to finish Suzaku off, an explosion occurs nearby and out of the smoke appears Lelouch.

The Emperor's Royal Guards were caught up in the friendly fire Lelouch had arranged using his Geass power. Waldstein is forced to go pilot his Galahad to help control the situation while leaving Monica, the Knight of Twelve in charge of the Great Britannia ship. Marianne was on the way and ends up fighting Waldstein, pretending to think that he had joined the coup d'etat. After getting the Mordred damaged, Marianne manages to convince Waldstein to leave the area claiming that her aerial capabilities were damaged and thus, will have to cover the land. C.C. was with her inside the cockpit but they were hesitating whether they should help Lelouch or not.

Lelouch soon makes his way into the Akasha. He greets his father, thanking him for sealing his own fate. Charles laugh knowing that he was completely immortal but, his expression changes as he feels a number of explosions. They were both sealed inside the Akasha.

Next episode, "Ragnarok Connection"


Hmmm, so C.C. only lost her memories because she sealed herself away... Thought it was Charle's doing. And Marianne seems so much more playful than she looks. Don't judge a book by its cover, eh?

Things are looking good for the series although it should be now that we're nearing the end of season two. I wonder if there will be a third season after this.

And this time, they gave out first volume Blu-ray and DVD copies of the show.

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