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Persona 4 Website Complete

Persona 4

Persona 4 Website Complete

Maybe they'll add a few more wallpapers in the future but, that's all the circles filled on the Persona 4 website now which includes four video clips.

Kuma Doesn't Know

Kuma tells the MC that he doesn't know who or what his own purpose is. Three choices pop up:

  • There's no need to rush.
  • Lets find out the answer together.
  • I'll watch over you.

After choosing the second choice, Kuma thanks the MC saying how kind he is.

Rise's on TV

The TV suddenly turns itself on and the MC finds Rise on a show. She greets the audience and says that after this spring she will be taking the form of many high school girl idols. To commemorate the occasion, she has a great project prepared for challenging herself with.

Yukiko with Her Konohanasakuya

Naoto the New Transfer Student

Naoto moves to Yasogami High as a first year student, claiming he will be staying in Inaba for a while because he has some circumstances at home. He thought he should greet his second year seniors on the way to school.

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Xcomp Author

Won't know until I play it really ^^;



Silver moon

Really ? i mean Naoto in the end like Shinji ?



Xcomp Author

Yes, better keep the spoilers out. Might end up with some flaming like with the other post...

Sorry but I'm going to edit out some of the spoilers. For now, just highlight the comments to read the spoilers. Need to learn to implement some spoiler tags into the blog sometime ^^;

As for Naoto being a girl... I can't say I'm surprised. P3 had four girls so P4 was "missing" one. All the guys are pretty much accounted apart from maybe Aragaki but, he didn't stay in the story for long really.




Mirei, you might want to mark your spoilers.



Silver moon

sorry i wrong wrote my e-mail



Silver moon

Oh shoooooot ......... Crab why he oh i mean she is famale ?




dammit, Naoto really is female =.=

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrSS_YzGGXI (spoiler!)




...r-really??? O_o




Now, now silver_moon. No spoilering. ^_^;

So is everyone calling MC "sempai" now? Or at least, everyone except Kuma, who calls him "sensei".




wait a second i heard form my friend they said Naoto is a girl ? i mean HE IS SHE.




I'll choose second answer too if I know what I'm reading when I'm playing this.