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Code Geass R2 - Episode 12

Anime Code Geass

Code Geass R2 - Episode 12

Episode 12 Summary - Love Attack

Lelouch was back and learning about the details of what's been happening since he was away. As if the Knights of the Round weren't surprise enough, Sayoko reports that she kissed Shirley too because they're secret base was in the danger of being discovered. Rollo wasn't too happy about her actions but, Lelouch felt she has done fine. He just didn't like the fact she kissed Shirley.

Rollo continues to complain as Sayoko reveals that she is the 37th generation amongst the Shinozaki. Lelouch on the other hand was in for another surprise. Sayoko had made a date with 108 girls for the next few months.

Meanwhile in the shower room, Shirley was wondering why Lelouch kissed her. Was it an invitation for her to be his girlfriend? It was then that she learns all the other girls had a date with him which makes Shirley very angry.

And so the next day, Lelouch was busy dating the girls on his list visiting various places such as the art gallery and aquarium. Sayoko had made arrangements for the next twenty-four hours because it was a holiday. During that time, he would also be travelling in the Shinkirou to Shanghai to sign a trade agreement before returning for his dates. It seems the Knights of the Round were interested in learning more about him too as Anya approaches him to ask about a photo of Lelouch when he was younger. Just as he denies it, Weinberg turns up asking him to take to one of those gambling chess matches.

As Lelouch runs away from the crowd, he bumps into Shirley who he had tried to avoid. He is troubled when Shirley demands why he is acting the way he is until Milly appears to make an announcement. She had decided what the event before her graduation will be and she dubs it, "Cupid Day". The idea was everyone wore heart shaped hats, girls wore red ones while boys wore violet ones. By stealing the other's hat, the students will be forced to become lovers under President Milly's orders.

Soon it was the next day. While preparations were being made for the event at Ashford Academy, Britannia were now about to declare war on the Chinese Federation and Knights of the Round were discussing the matter at the Imperial City of Pendragon. Prince Odysseus was against it because they were already at war with the EU and things were working out with Area Eleven already. However, as it was the Emperor's order, Schneizel decides to take lead the occupation. He was confident they won't have to use full force because the federation was very much divided in opinions.

At headquarters, Lelouch was thinking about how he was going to deal with his popularity amongst the girls for Cupid's Day. At first, he tries to ask Viletta to steal his heart but she wasn't too keen about the idea, thinking it would create some misunderstandings. Unfortunately, Sayoko won't be able to help either because she'll be acting as Lelouch's double so the only viable option was to let Shirley steal his hat but, considering what she's been through already because of Lelouch, he wasn't too keen on that idea either.

After getting a quick call from Suzaku who couldn't make it to graduation ceremony, Milly announces over the campus speakers that Cupid's Day was about to begin. Everywhere, both the guys and girls were at the ready as Milly explained the rules. Before the competition started everyone was to be at least two metres apart but once it all starts, they can team up and use any method they wish to steal the hat of the one they're after.

However, there was one last surprising announcement and that was the offer to increase the funding for any club that brings back Lelouch's hat back to Milly. With that, the event was underway. Fortunately for Lelouch, Rollo was at hand. Using his time-stopping powers he freezes everyone within the campus and hides his brother just in time.

Somewhere else, a familiar figure was working her way through a Geass cult's hideout determined to clear her sister Eupheumia's name. She manages to sneak in behind one of her followers who recognises her voice as Princess Cornelia. Surprisingly, she finds out that it was her father the Emperor who was behind all the research and learns that he maybe threatening the world.

Back at the academy, Cupid's Day was well underway. Lelouch had managed to get away, making his way to his hideout. He now knew the Knights of the Round really were here just to have fun and shouldn't be of a problem to him. Lost in thought, he gets his hat stolen by one of the girls but he manages to use his Geass to get it back before retreating into the hideout.

And so, Lelouch switches places with the disguised Sayoko and the strategic battle between Milly and Lelouch begins. Milly commanding the club members who want a raise in funding and Lelouch commanding Sayoko to get rid of all the attention he's getting from the girls. Sayoko was having no problems avoiding all the attempts to capture her although Lelouch was worried her movements was going to give him away. It was then that he decides to let Sayoko attend his P.E. classes.

The campus was pretty much in chaos now. Even Anya was taking part in trying to capture Lelouch but has resorted to using her Mordred to scan for him. This immediately alerts Suzaku and the others who were at a meeting, thinking it was the Black Knights again.

Sayoko was now ordered to run to the library where she can change with Lelouch again. Shirley had managed to follow her there. Just as Lelouch was about to switch places, Anya reaches out to catch Shirley. Lelouch leaps in, fearing for Shirley's safety and the two fall down the stairs. Fortunately, they manage to avoid being caught with the help of Sayoko and Viletta calls off the Knightmare Anya is using.

Sitting at bottom of the stairs alone together, Shirley asks Lelouch why he kissed her. Lelouch struggles to answer but this makes Shirley realise the old Lelouch was back. She had felt he was acting odd lately. Shirley forgives him for what he's done and tells him to close his eyes. Gazing at his face, she blushes for a moment as she stretches out her hands to hold his face. She pinches him and laughs, knowing that Lelouch thought he was going to get a kiss. However, taking Lelouch's hat away she tells him she was confident that he will fall in love with her for real one day.

Cupid's Day was now at an end even though Milly was slightly disappointed she couldn't get Lelouch's hat. She was happy to see Lelouch and Shirley together though, insisting Cupid's Day was just to give them that little push so that they would realise their true feelings.

After everyone gave their gratitude to Milly, graduation day was finally over. Milly was now working as a weather forecaster and had cancelled her engagement with Lloyd because she didn't want to settle down that quickly. At the same time, Milly was thinking secretly about what Nina had said to her and had decided to try and live on using her own abilities.

Moments after the weather report, Shirley was out on her own shopping. Unfortunately for her, Jeremiah was out using his newly obtained Geass Canceller to wipe out Lelouch's control over people. Her memories were now back, remembering how the Black Knight's actions had killed her father and that Lelouch was their leader.


This was quite a funny episode. There's the fan service and the way the writers played about with Lelouch's popularity. Then we also have him using his strategies to ensure his plans work out right for Cupid's Day. Kind of a parody in itself of how Lelouch is trying to deal with Britannia. And looking at Sayoko's "ninja" skills, I wonder if she can beat Suzaku in a fight...

Also recognised Weinberg's voice (Don't usually read the credits)... It's Goku from Gensou Maden Saiyuki! Who can't recognise that laugh?

So now Jeremiah has the power to cancel the effects of Geass. This could mean trouble for Lelouch.

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i really like this episode..