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Persona 4, The Doujima Family and Yellow World Video Clips

Persona 4

Persona 4, The Doujima Family and Yellow World Video Clips

Weekly Persona 4 website update. Haven't spotted any new midnight easter eggs yet.

Main Character, The Doujima Family

Nanako is watching TV and the Jeunesse ad seems to have caught onto her as she sings, "Everyday young life, Jeunesse". She asks her dad if they can all go to the store together sometime but, he is asleep. She looks a bit annoyed.

Mayonaka TV, The Yellow World

As the earlier Famitsu article had already explained, the world on the other side of Mayonaka TV is shrouded in yellow mist and resembles a studio. Chie thinks they're still somewhere in Jeunesse until Yosuke reminds her that's where they crawled into a giant TV.


That explains how they managed to get into the store so easily and use a TV like that. I guess that's why they made Yosuke's father own an apartment store (presumably).

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cool just wanted to see if you had seen it yet. keep blogging!



Xcomp Author

No I haven't. I'll be sure to cover this some time. I'll speak about it then ;)




have you seen this???
i love his persona character designs! i can't wait to see what everyones final personas look like





Wish they would tell us more about the boy wearing a hat, the one that looks like Isamu from Nocturne. Don't know anything about him, but he's already my favorite! :P



Xcomp Author

You mean Yosuke's fall right? He landed on the wallet inside his back pocket supposedly but... Sounded more like he broke something. Coins don't sound like that XD




I kinda feel sorry for Nanako, who's father seems to be a workaholic. Going home just to eat and sleep... must've been lonely for her. Good thing there's the Main Character. :D

I thought the sound of three people crashing to the floor (referring to the 3 characters landing into Mayonaka TV) is a little bit... painful sounding? Ouch. ^_^