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The Magpie Strikes, Others Attempt to Rescue


The Magpie Strikes, Others Attempt to Rescue


While I was working on my blog for the day I heard birds outside in my garden chirping very quickly and loudly. I didn't really take notice at first because it wasn't really bothering me and it wasn't the first time they did that. However, the chirping continued for some time and eventually other birds started joining in. I looked out the window and to my surprise, a black-billed magpie appeared to have knocked down a small bird and pecking away at its body...

Other very tiny little birds had gathered and were trying to help it, hovering around the magpie trying to get it off the poor bird but obviously they weren't intimidating enough. Eventually, blackbirds joined in swooping down at the magpie but again, their actions were effectiveless. It was quite a sight seeing the other birds' attempt at a rescue. Dramatic even.

It was also actually their actions that made me realise what the brown lump the magpie was pecking at was. Unfortunately, by the time I got outside to scare it away the bird was a goner. It was not a pretty sight. The other birds that had tried to help it were perched nearby with cries of sadness as if mourning.

To be honest, I don't know what happened. Occasionally I do see crows chasing after magpies while the magpies would chase after smaller birds so, I presumed the magpie must have managed to knock its victim out of the sky this time.

Speaking of magpies, I was told when I was a very little boy that seeing one of them means there's bad luck ahead. Two meant good luck and three meant one can make a wish come true so long as it was made before the magpies disappeared. Any more would mean bad luck. Is it true? Well, I'm not really superstitious but I pretty much grew up believing the story so whenever I see one I can't help but think to myself, "So what's going to happen today?" However, the idea doesn't really bother me so much as to stick to my mind all day.

In any case, this one magpie was certainly bad news that's for sure.


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Xcomp 作者

Don't care about animals much I see =P




Condolences to the birds.

Death due to "fowl play", perhaps?